Sunday, June 1, 2014

Violently Happy in Europe: Day Two

Oops, we overslept on day two. We must still be on LA time but no worries we only missed going to tea and a cruise on the Thames river *it was too chilly for it anyway*. I took the car back to the rental place and we spent the rest of the day on foot. Our plan was to see the Tower of London, Postman's Park and ride on a double decker bus.

But first, Liv wants to show you around our hotel room!
This Ace tote is begging to come home with me
How funny, the booze in our room is Malbec, my BFFs favorite wine!
Let's pretend we didn't listen to this Pretenders record
WTH are Hobnobs?!
One of these days I would like to read Gulliver's Travels to Liv

I love a room with a window seat, so comfy
Smells yummy!
My favorite spot at the Ace
I never get tired of photos!!
I took these with my Fuji instant camera
I love how 70's and dark they turned out
You wouldn't believe the difference in customer service in London compared to LA. Every person we've come across has been so friendly and kind. The staff at the hotel are so sweet and helpful!

Since we were in the Marble Arch area, we headed to a souviner shop to pick up a few things.

Tacky, tacky
Beware of the intoxicating scent of pee pee in those telephone boxes!
I wasn't familiar with the neighborhood so we had to figure out how to get to the Tower of London before they closed. We hopped on a double decker bus but I wasn't sure which direction to go in.

I started talking to this guy on the bus since he was wearing a tour guide uniform. He told us how to get there but since we were headed the same way, he told us to follow him to Victoria Station. We pretty much had our own personal tour guide! Such a lovely fellow.

Our new friend's name is Marco and he was so awesome *Hi Marco!*
He was trying to convince Liv to stay in London
He gave me detailed instructions on where to go
And...he helped us buy our tube tickets
What a sweetie! Grazie Marco, I hope to see you when you come to Los Angeles
I forgot how steep the escalators are in the Tube. We saw an older woman fall going up the stairs, it was awful.

Not a fan of the modern photo booths
This tube station had the perfect aroma of flowers and body odor, Mmmm!
This building is known as the Shard
London, you are so fucking bad ass!
We walked over London Bridge but decided to grab a taxi so we wouldn't be late for the Tower of London
We asked Olivia to take a photo of us
Catapulting class, anyone?

So we get to the gate and the guard was like, Sorry we are closed for the day. I said Nooooo! We came from Los Angeles to bring our daughter here. At first the other guy wasn't gonna let us in but this heavenly angel took our vouchers and said we could run in for a half an hour. YES!!
Every encounter with a Beefeater was incredible. They may look mean but they are the gentlest guys ever!
Just chillin' in the Bloody Tower

I did absolutely everything in my power to make this guy laugh. They must remove your sense of humor when you become a Royal guard!
Oh well, at least I got some laughs from everyone standing around

Is the first name Beef and last name Eater?
What did I say?!
Grandma, we saw an elephant at the Tower of London!!
We told Liv this could be her new room
Look Daddy, a mooak *moat*!!
Whenever Olivia sees a body of water, she insists on making a wish and throwing a coin in
Good thing for us the shops were already closed. Liv wanted a fancy Prince costume so when her friend Kieran comes over, he can dress up.
We spent well over an hour in the Tower, it was so fun!
As we were leaving, I saw the kind man who let us in. I had to thank him again.
Time for an ice lolly break!
The tube wasn't running this day so we hopped in another cab.
We got out at St Paul's Cathedral and spied on this lovely bride and groom
I love radiant, happy brides!
You wanna know how you get a shot this good?
Antz power!
St Paul's is old as dirt, it has been destroyed many times by fire and bombing during WWII but it still looks amazing.

We took a short walk over to Postman's Park *I've wanted to see the memorial tablets since I saw it in Closer*

Olivia discovered this lovely garden
There were cute bumblebees everywhere
So we arrived at Postman's Park
And that shit was closed for remodeling!
Lame, I couldn't zoom in to see the memorials
Where to now guys?
Want to know where we headed next? Tune in tomorrow for part two. Cheers!

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