Hello, I'm Elizabeth.

I am a Francophile who enjoys traveling, balloons, Björk, peonies, Paris, creepy turn-of-the-Century photographs and doughnuts. I am happily married to a handsome, talented artist who loves Thundercats, ice cold milk, air conditioning, Radiohead and wants a baby donkey. We bought our 1923 California bungalow in hipster Highland Park. We are restoring our home into it’s former beauty. I began blogging out of boredom to rant about my life. Then I became pregnant with our daughter and the ranting turned into raving. I am unapologetic about the millions of photos I take of our lovely, rad kid. She is obsessed with Michael Jackson, painting, dancing, dressing up like a princess, riding her scooter, eating chocolate croissants and watching Adventure Time.
Currently, I am a stay-at-home Mom/blogger hobbyist and before that I dabbled in hair & makeup dark arts. I enjoy crafting, throwing parties, making my house pretty, photography and baking.

Thanks for stopping by. 

51 Random facts about me:
1. I am an only child
2. My Mom is also an only child
3. My five year old daughter is an only child
4. Hubby and I play coed volleyball every Tuesday night
5. I won a trip to Venice, Italy, living room furniture and $1,000 cash on the Price is Right
6. I have been with my beautiful husband since 1996, I was 19 and he was about to turn 21 when we met!
7. We have been happily married for thirteen years
8. My first job was a summer camp counselor
9. I was a girl scout for five years
10. I prefer being hot to being cold
11. My favorite colors are pink, white & yellow
12. I adore freckles
13. My favorite artists are Mingjue Chen, Travis Louie, Mark Ryden, Banksy, Scott Campbell & of course, Anthony Conley
14. I may be addicted to Instagram
15. ...and Pinterest too!
16. I was a child model
17. I firmly believe in Fries before Guys!
18. Björk is my all-time favorite singer
19. I have seen her live five times, I went to Paris just to see her 
20. I snuck into her after-party after a concert and partied with her
21. I am a celebrity stalker
22. I have met Björk, Jodie Foster, Spike Lee, Kevin Spacey, Jessica Alba, *I grew up knowing Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood* We used to play kickball with Mena Suvari, I met the lovely Jeff Goldblum, Alan Cumming and more D-list celebs to bother naming. P.S. Tony Kanal  most adorable daughter goes to Liv's preschool but I pretend I have no idea who he is. Coco and Liv are homies.
23. I love maps, globes and geography. I also suffer from severe Wanderlust.
24. My dream job would be a party planner or being voice-over actor on Adventure Time 
25. I wish I owned a vintage Fiat in cherry red
26. I was wearing my Hot dog on a Stick uniform when I took my first drivers license photo when I was sixteen
27. I am obsessed with Marina Abramovic *I want her to stare at me until I cry*
28. My favorite movies are The Shining *if it's yours too, you need to watch Room 237* & Amelie, Lolita, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, Melancholia, Rosemary's Baby & The Royal Tenenbaums.
29. I have an enormous cat named Lola
30. She is named after Dolores Haze from Lolita
31. I am extremely superstitious, I make a wish everyday at 11:11 and hold my breathe driving through tunnels.
32. I hate to exercise *actually I hate to sweat, I love to play volleyball, swimming and playing wii sports*
33. I wish I had better grammar and had a stronger vocabulary
34. I love jumping on hotel beds
35. I love eating ice
36. Jason Schwartzman, Michael Fassbender, Waris Ahluwalia, Cary Fukunaga and Jeff Goldblum are my celebrity crushes *PS I met Jeff, he's even dreamier in person!*
37. My favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppala, PT Anderson, Steve McQueen and Quentin Tarintino
38. I was almost named Ira *Thankfully I am named after my Grandmothers*
39. I desperately want to learn how to speak French, il est difficile!
40. Are you bored yet? My best friend of eightteen years, Aimee and I are the modern version of Lucy & Ethel.
41. Planning and throwing a party is my idea of fun
42. I adore Geronimo balloons, peonies, Paris, desserts, Ban.do accessories and pretty handwriting
43. I am seeking a pen pal *email me for my address*
44. My favorite songs *of the moment* are École Buissonnière by Jean Constantin from The 400 Blows, Atom Dance by Björk and Fall in Love by Phantogram
45. I believe in life after death
46. Halloween is my favorite holiday
47. I want a photo booth in my next house
48. I think most popular sports are dumb and pointless *excluding the Olympics!*
49. My Mom is my hero, I have to speak to her everyday
50. I hope to complete my Life List before I die
51. I’m going to make more of these about me lists

My favorite photos always seem involve balloons!

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