Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the Dub!

We checked into the W *wah, can't apply it to my life list since we've been here before* and it's fabulous as always. We are figuring out our dinner plans while lazing around in this ginormous comfy bed. So far I have no interweb so I'm live via iPhone. We have taken close to 100 photos thus far so I'll be uploading when we return home on Friday.

Can't wait for her Big Day!!

Our lovely room *identical to the one we stayed at in April 2008*

The beach lounge

Liv's first encounter with sand, she did taste some, gross!


Napping with Icy, her new penguin

It was a little chilly but we couldn't pass up a swim

I spent a majority of my time in here

Can you believe, I read 8 chapters of Bossypants?!!

Life is but a dream sweetheart!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Red Radio Flyer Wagon

Antz cleaned up and put the canopy on Olivia's Radio Flyer wagon. Two words....LOVE IT!!

I would love to take it to San Diego but my trunk isn't having it.

This is just my everyday junk in the trunk, now add my suitcase, Liv and Antz bags, our beach gear, all her birthday swag and my laptop bag. Sigh, I suppose we'll figure something out.

Story and Chris stopped by to pick up our house keys *they are housesitting for us* and I made yummy Mai Tais with fresh squeezed orange juice from our backyard.

We are both pretty tired but we have to pack. We have an early wake up call tomorrow since we are picking up our Moms to come to Liv's World Citizen class pre birthday party.