Monday, June 24, 2013

Kanye/Wes Anderson Mashup

Okay, by now you know how much I lurve Mr. Wesley Anderson. I own almost all of his amazing films and have all the soundtracks in heavy rotation on my ipod but I'm not so much a fan of kanye *I find him and his girlfriend obnoxious, narcissistic and angry*. As much as I dislike the guy, he is featured everywhere, on songs I love with Jay Z, on my favorite birthday/BFF song and now he's on this rad tumblr, Kanye Wes. I am compelled to like it because yeezus' lyrics and the images are a collaboration made in heaven. Please do enjoy.


Team Zissou - Kanye Wes by Phil Howell 

Royal Tenenbaums - Kanye Wes by philhowelldesign

Rushmore - Kanye Wes by Phil Howell

Kanye west (wes) Fantastic Mr. Fox by

Moonrise kingdom Kanye West by Phil Howell  
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Buy a print here:
Moonrise Kingdom / Gold Digger
H/T @MaryWuliger
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Monster
H/T @feringlourious
Bill & Wes / Made in America
Moonrise Kingdom / Chain Heavy
The Life Aquatic / Bittersweet Poetry
Rushmore / Niggas in ParisMoonrise Kingdom / Birthday Song
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Good Life
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Runaway
The Royal Tenenbaums / PowerThe Royal Tenenbaums / No Church in the Wild
Fantastic Mr. Fox / H.A.M.Moonrise Kingdom / Runaway
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Gold Digger
The Life Aquatic / See Me Now


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Serenade & Summer Solstice

Yesterday was Liv's last day of school before summer break *which is one week* and Summer Serenade Masquerade party. Antz left the Nikon camera in his car and my iphone died so all I have is a minute of video footage of her class singing Yellow Submarine and some really bad photos. The classes performances were adorable. The little ones sang a song called I am a Pizza and the graduating pre-kindergarten class sang Oppa Gangham and danced. I was on the decorating committee for the Summer Serenade so Liv and I fancied up the dress-up house into a fab manicure station.

Antz made the poster
Liv in her costume

I made the Princess Leia braids this class wore for their performance. BTW isn't it funny how many cameras are at events like this? It reminds me of this Louis C.K. joke.

We made our masks
Liv & Luna
The food was so good! Of course this was just my appetizer, we ate so much and had some wine too.
Liv was super hyper
She loves her school so much!
Liv and the school's amazing owner *she is incredible*
A belly dancer and Mrs. Renae
Liv and her rad teacher Miss Karly *I couldn't get her to stand still*
Me & Miss Karly
Dancing with her Pappa
There were some rad items in the silent auction
What a fun summer night!!

Happy Summer from sunkissis on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pappa's Day 2013

What I love most about this year's Fathers day was the pure spontaneity of our day. After spending months planning and prepping for Olivia's 3rd birthday, and so many other birthday parties this month, I was too worn out to make a solid Father's day agenda. Since Antz is mellow by nature and doesn't like a big fuss, we decided to just hop in the car and see where the road takes us. We didn't want to go to our usual spots since holidays bring crowds so we ventured out past our neighborhood for brunch. Lucky we ended up at one of our favorite places to eat and we made it in time before the rush.

Pappa & Liv
File:Roscoe's Waffles and Chicken.JPG
It may be heart attack inducing but it's so amazingly yummy!

After we stuffed our faces with delicious chicken and waffles we drove to Manhattan beach and hit the parking jackpot *free parking close to the beach is impossible* We hung out on the beach for a few hours, enjoying the sun and watching Liv play in the sand.

This lady is growing up so fast

Before we could get sunburned, we headed over to check out the newly renovated Echo Park Lake. It was packed with people but we found parking. Sadly the ducks haven't returned to the lake yet but it was wonderful seeing the clean *although artificially blue* water and the beautiful landscape *let's hope it stays clean*

Liv made this rad frame for Pappa at school.

So that sums up our Father's day, easy peasy we couldn't have asked for a lovelier day or a lovelier Pappa.