Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shreds so good!!!

These shreds are killing me! They are so good. I took all these bands way too seriously during my high school years, well I can't say that honestly about The Beach Boys. Too bad I couldn't find a Björk shreds video, but she's obviously way too freaking awesome to ever suck!!


The Cure

Radiohead *for Antz, this shred is embarrassingly similar to the original*

The Beach Boys

Snoopy & Dr. Dre


Guns & Roses


The Who

Def Leppard

The Mars Volta *but you wouldn't know the difference*

My fucking man, John Williams

Skrillex *the nerdy Marilyn Manson dupstep king*

Kings of Leon


The Killers

MM *My favorite one, I loved this dude like 14 years ago!!*

This is my autobiography of Marilyn Manson signed by Brian Warner himself at The Viper Room on Halloween. Yeah, I was sooo goth, doesn't everyone go through a goth phase?!

Bet you would have never guessed I was a hesher in junior high school on the down low!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Lizzie Part Three *Finale*

The last day at the Standard hotel was super fun. We had breakfast at the 24/7 Restaurant and took photos everywhere I could with my Geronimo balloon. We picked up Liv and went to Handsome Roasters Coffee for some major handsomeness. We had lunch at Wurstküche and I picked up some Tattly tattoos from Poketo *I love that store*. It was a most spectacular birthday. I am so happy happy.

My iphone doesn't photograph well how bright and cheery this restaurant really is.
I don't know why I look so mean, that french toast was heaven


Would you believe me if I told you I can play What's New Pussycat? by Tom Jones on the organ? Me neither!

I went ape shit... they had an actual working telephone booth!! I love those things. I had to make an important phone call.

Excuse me sir, this is private!
Please insert 10 cents?!
 The building was super old and 70's retro decorated. We loved it!

We didn't even mind the world's slowest elevator... that much.
The Hangover Part 5
Good morning Aimee!
Good morning Elizabeth!
This is my favorite photo we took! I'm a colorful blur
My balloon and me, what adventures will we get into next?

 We had to creep out in the hallways like the sweet little Shining sisters!

8gJLmW on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

My cheeky photo shoot
Stellar views of the city
Besties for life!

You don't know how bad I wanted to jump in. Jumping in a pool with my clothes on is on my Life List
Guess what I found in der Beer Garden?
 Marais chairs!!

They seem to follow me everywhere I go. There were some stools in Jihan's studio space and at the rooftop bar. It must be a sign I will have some of my own. It's hard to choose plain old white when they look so FAB in yellow!

They win at best food truck name! Slutty eggs
Aimee got handsomely roasted at Handsome Roasters Coffee
I wonder if being handsome is a prerequisite to work there
Antz drew this lovely caricature of Aimee & me!
Aimee and I are going back next Thursday so I just may pick up another tattoo!
Another amazing birthday under this thirty six-*oh man, I'm growing so many gray hairs* year old's belt! Merci to everyone who sent me well wishes! Extra hugs and kisses to my Bestie, Aimee and the world's greatest husband, Antz! XOXO

The End