Saturday, February 28, 2015

California Adventure

It's been awhile (three and a half years to be exact) since we visited Disney's California Adventure park. It was a rad day, not too crowded or hot but about half the rides were closed for refurbishment.

This was our first time meeting Oswald

It was also our first time going to Cars Land

The Fun Wheel was unexpectantly terrifying!

Oh hey Micks!
We met Woody and then...
Buzz joined us!
My unintentional boob shot of my Disney pin collection

This guy's tie wins!

The Frozen Snow Zone was super fun!

Olivia added Marie to her animal menagerie

Cars Land looked amazing at dusk 

The ultimate photo bomb, Ant had no idea these guys where there
Such incredible neon signage

Radiator Springs Racers is totally my most favorite ride!

Liv must have collected 30 Mickey stickers

Such a fun day!