Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liv the Patriot

With the 4th coming up soon I came across these rad building blocks with all 44 presidents on them at Uncommon Goods. As I've mentioned before, it's important to me that Liv learns about our presidents as well as geography. The almost $100 price tag is a bummer *finger crossed they'll go on sale*. I have been playing with her interactive map of the US but the pieces are small and she is more interested in chewing them than putting them where they should go. I'm sure in another year or so she'll grasp the puzzle concept.

Yesterday I started my French class with Leslie & Connie. It was trés magnifique!! The teacher was really nice and awesome *she speaks French so beautifully* We did some basic stuff like learning the alphabet, spelled our names and introduced ourselves in French. I am pretty sure I'll pick up more words and get the correct pronunciation. This class is a thousand times better than the one I took at Pasadena City College. The best part is I have Connie and Leslie to practice parlez-vous'ing with.

I just bought tickets for Classical Nights at the Hollywood Bowl for July and Antz is taking Friday off so we can go to the beach. I'll  be crossing off #1 & #2 on my Summer Fun List!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Antz!!

Yesterday was Papa Antz birthday. I won't say how old he turned but he is definitely snug in his mid thrities. We didn't do much but he did leave work early and we enjoyed some yummy ice cream cake.

I bought him a book a while back that I thought he like

Oh, what is Steampunk you ask? Well for one of Antz wouldn't shut up about it when I surprised him for his 35th birthday at this rad bar/club in downtown LA called The Edison. I was digging the 1920's speakeasy theme and he kept telling me, this place is Steampunk. I never heard of it before but apparently it has a huge following...I can't describe it very well so here's Wikipedia's definition.

Speaking of his 35th, I was a lazy blogger in 2009 so here's the pictures of that amazing surprise party I threw for Antz at the Edison.

French fry wishbone

Kim, for the win!

Jes's martini is dirrrrrty

Dirty martinis, absinthe fairy, burlesque shows and steampunk decor, The Edison is a really FABulous place!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We did Mrs. Roper proud!!

Today my crafting buddy, Kim and I channeled our inner 70's hippie and went to a macramé class at the Little Knittery. The guy teaching the class was so adorable. He said his mother taught him how to macramé when he was younger. At first I was standing there was a giant question mark on my head but after watching him demonstrate it several times I somehow picked it up. The class was scheduled to be 2 hours but we left after 4. After a few stumbles, I found my niche and got into a rhythm.

Me and our teacher, Kenny!! Isn't he cute?

Once I got the hang of it, I did pretty well
Kim was really feeling her Mrs Roper vibe...all she's missing is a sweet ass fro.

My finished product...I LOVE our plant's new outfit.

It was a Macra-Magical afternoon!!

You wanna know who rocks??

This guy!

I am, of course, biased in my opinion but hear me out, Anthony is so freaking unbelievable. Not just for making rad things for me in a moments notice. Not just for his Super artsy crafting skills so our daughter's first birthday turns out to be magical. Not just for bravely killing spiders and changing the diaper dekor every single time. It's the incredible way her can put Liv to bed that I never can seem to do successfully. It's coming home from a long day and finding the house spotless, with candles burning and dinner on the table waiting for me. It's loving me enough to accept the fact that I can't cook, clean *half as good as he can*, or do laundry without some type of mishap. Antz carries up the heavy groceries from my car, he doesn't mind my prickly legs in bed when I'm too lazy to shave. He lets me control the remote even though 90% of what I watch is HGTV. He puts up with my elaborate party themes and make my ridiculous Halloween costumes from scratch. He even gives up his beloved A/C because I'm always cold even in hot weather which I know is a huge sacrifice. I don't think I can say thank you enough for making it possible for me to stay at home with Olivia. I hear about so many Moms who miss their kid's recital, sporting event or even picking them up from school because they have to work and it breaks my heart. I am so incredibly lucky to have my supportive husband who understands how important being here with her means to us. Even when you feel the financial weight on your shoulders. Even more when you have to say goodbye to Liv in the morning and she runs to the door and watches you leave through the window. I know how hard that is, actually I don't, I've never had to leave her, I don't think I'd be able to. I know how hard it must be to be our sole breadwinner. I know how difficult it is to listen to me bitch about wanting to move, or travel to Paris, or want a new purse, shoes, or any of the thousands of things I am coveting at the moment. Thank you for listening to me vent about my daily life crisis with good humor and encouraging words. Antz, thank you for being such a fantastic hubby. Thank you for not spending hours playing video games, watching sports, playing golf, doing whatever guys do to cars and never forgetting to put the toilet seat down. Thank you for having the sweetest Mother-in-law I could ever ask for and for being the most awesome son-in-law to my Mom. Thank you for itching my back in just the right spot, complimenting me when I am feeling gross, bringing home flowers for no reason other than I love them, putting up with my shenanigans for 15 long years. You raise the bar to an unreachable level for other Husbands/Papas with your patience, you thoughtfulness, your wit, your generosity and your loveliness. I know I am 4 days late with the post because I kept breaking down in tears when I tried to write this to you, overwhelmed with love. Questioning myself a dozen times on how did I get so lucky? Trying to somehow put into words *in some sort of eloquent manner* of how grateful I am to have spent the last 15 years by your side. You gave me a beautiful baby girl and for that I will forever be indebted you. When I see you in her big, brown eyes, when I laugh at her silliness that I know she picks up from you or when I feel her warm, soft, body I am bewildered of that tiny speck on the monitor at Dr. Teng's office is now our Olivia.

Happy day we met Anniversary!! *June 22, 1996*

Holy Shizzballs, who are those kids??!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So a while back I was pinning my favorite things and I asked Antz if he could make me this print and this is what I woke up to...

FUCK I love my husband!!

If you don't remember these are the photos that used to live there

Sorry that's the closest I've got but it's these guys

Maxwell & baby Lola

Liz & Antz at the Montery Plaza Hotel *so lovely* for his birthday

I feel so much more motivated to wake up now!! Off to meet Aimee for our Thursday date.

Au Revior!

PS Congrats to NYC for passing a historical law. If there are two things I love it's...

Get it together California.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer List 2011

Well, yesterday was the Summer Solstice which means summer is now official! The weather is even starting to heat up, so now is the perfect time to make my Summer List. First let's see how well I did with last year's list?

Summer Bucket List

1. Take Olivia to at least one summer outdoor concert
2. Learn the lyrics to an entire April March song *I've got the chorus down!*
3. Buy an inflatable pool and play with Liv in it *Done*
4. Eat outdoors every Friday *3 Fridays down*
5. Become a regular at the Montrose Farmers Market *Sundays*
6. Buy fresh strawberries *Done* / Make a strawberry pie *Done*
7. Take Olivia to Keith & Tina's for her first swimming lesson *Done*
8. Take Olivia to my Mom's house in Apple Valley *Done*
9. Sleep in the hammock
10. Make s'mores over our firepit *Done*
11. Have a friend's dog party at our house
12. Take one road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal sanctuary*
13. Take 1,000 pictures of Olivia *Done*
14. Take Olivia to a petting zoo

Pretty stellar! I think I'll incorporate the ones I didn't finish into this year's list.

Summer Days List 2011

1. BEACH DAYS!! *and get a sweet tan*
2. Take Olivia to at least one summer outdoor concert *Hollywood Bowl Classic Nights*
3. Use Liv's blow up pool in the backyard
4. Engage in a water balloon fight
5. Sleep in the hammock
6. Make homemade peach cobbler
7. Add 10 new farmers markets to my list *#27*
8. Take Olivia to a petting zoo
9. Host a Games Night/Playdate
10. 4th of July BBQ
11. Take a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal sanctuary*
12. Co-host Aimee's Housewarming party *decorate/make cocktails/playlist*
13. See the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA
14. Go bike riding *and finally make up my mind on a trailer for Liv*
15. Finish at least 3 of my Book Club list *Bonus points if I read in the hammock*

I hope I am able to complete this year's list. So far we already are having the 4th of July BBQ, Antz is taking off next Friday for a beach day and we are going to the Classical Nights at the Hollywood Bowl at the end of July so we're looking pretty rad!

If you're drawing a blank for fun things to do, check out this awesome blog Counting on Me for great ideas.