Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Today is Swim Day!! I am super excited but the weather is bumming me out. I checked on my iPhone and it looks like low 70's :( Luckily, Keith's pool is solar heated so it should be nice and warm for Liv. I can't wait for her to wear her bathing suit. Yesterday when Antz came home he made an early supper for us and it was delicious! I went to the grocery store and almost bought cupcake sprinkles *I'm waiting until I get the supplies I need before I buy decorations*. When I got home we decided to take Liv on a walk in Atwater Village.

It was nice, a bit chilly *lame summer weather strikes again* Liv was happy in her stroller.

We stopped at Starbucks and Antz had a frappaccino and we both had some yummy lemon cake.

We walked past my *dream home* and once again I have fallen in love with the neighborhood. It was close to dusk and people were coming home from work and it was nice to be in a friendly, quiet neighborhood. While we were walking, we noticed tons of spiders and we warned this woman who was walking behind us and she started chatting with us. That NEVER happens on my street. Everyone around here is guarded and rude. In Atwater, there's always young couples walking with their babies and dogs. There's no loud music or teens *wannabe gangsters* hanging out on the corner like my street. On Glendale Blvd. there's the cutest Mom & Pop shops *Woof is one of my faves*

But sadly because of the economy, many of these adorable shops are closing *case in point* All Aboard *where I bought some retro 60's party invitations last year* is closing.

Coldstone Creamy closed last year and one of my favorite art galleries Black Maria closed *but yesterday I saw a sign on the door saying art classes will be coming soon* so that's a happy prospect.

The point is, Atwater is awesome but I know if I were to move there *my lovely kharma* all the charm would have left the Village. I also feel like although the area I want to move in is great, the crime rate *particularly home and car theft* is high. There is also a big homeless, and graffiti problem but that is rampant throughout Los Angeles. There's also a lack of my favorite places to eat on that side of town. There is Hard Times pizza, Alcapulcos and a brownie shop I like. There's also a huge shopping center in North Atwater that has a bunch of places to eat. Last night we went to the shopping center to go to Best Buy since I needed a new iphone connector for my car. The last one I bought was terrible! It always had static and a low ringing buzz so I asked someone which was the best for my car and he said I could only get the same connector again *radio transmitter*. I bought a wireless one but as soon as I tried it in my car it had static and radio interference just like my old one. Antz wants me to return it but I need something to play my ipod in my car and I already opened the box so I'm not sure I can return it *without a restocking fee*. While we were there, I spoke to someone about the iPhone 4. I really want to buy ours before our anniversary *August 18th*  but she told me that there is an issue with the iPhone 4's antennea so it would be wise to wait until September. She took my phone number to call me when it's in stock *although I doubt she'll remember in September*. As lame as that is, I'll follow her advice because the last thing I need is another gadget that gives me problems *ie: everything I own seems to break or not work properly*. She also said the iPhone 4 in white won't be available until the end of the year so boo! We bought a wireless router for Aimee *as a late Bday gift* since she FINALLY got dsl and her sister bought her a laptop. We are taking it over there today before we go to Keith's since we'll be on that side of town. I also need to pick up my babywrap *I left it there last Sunday*. Leslie bought Liv ANOTHER rad Bjork doll from Etsy!!

She said she is trying to find the swan shirt I want for Liv *she's such a sweetie*

My Mommy is bummed because not only did she lose her keys but she lost her backup keys too. She has maybe 25 keys on her chain along with rabbit's foot, flashlight, the chain weighs close to 2 lbs so it's very difficult to lose. The good news is, she most likely lost them in her house but her house is a labyrinth so she'll be looking for a few days. Well, I need to give Liv a bath and pack our swim bag. I am hoping the sun will come out in the next hour. Ohh, before I go, I have a rad idea inspired by an article I saw in Better Homes & Gardens for a make-it-yourself dinner party.

I planned to have our friends over before the end of summer *Summer Bucket list* for a dog's party, well I want to incorporate a dog's party with a s'more firepit party. I want to make the invites look like s'mores and I need to find the chalk ink pen *love it*. We'll invite our friends and their dogs too. Only problem is now that we have moved our dining table and chairs downstairs, there's no seating on the upper patio *where the firepit is* and I don't have the budget to buy the seating set I want *Bed, Bath & Beyond*

I bought Liv a couple of books from Border's since I had an old giftcard from there and I really wanted to get My Friends for her *I love Taro Gomi*

It seems that the one I bought isn't the billingual version but I did get her a Spanish Dr. Suess book

Next, I need to order her bouncing swing, bumbo chair and Totoro hamper *things to buy* Life with Mouk wasn't available on Border's until October. Ok, I have to get ready for fun times!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cupcake Queen

Yesterday I picked up my Mommy-in-Law, Maria and we went to lunch at Thai Eagle Rox. She had never tried Thai food before so I ordered chicken pad thai for her. She was so enthralled with Liv she barely ate but she assured me she liked it.

I hadn't had Thai in ages, so yummy! So we hung out at my house until Antz came home and I showed her my cupcake books.

I really want to start practicing some of the designs in the books. I also want to make more cookies *like our christening ones*

I have to call Les to find out where she bought her fondant. Before I can create yumminess, I need supplies

Compliments of Goddess Martha. Antz Mom is onboard with helping me become a Cupcake Queen. Antz is home early today *yay Summer Fridays* and he's making lunch for us. My angel is playing on her mat and cooing up a storm *so in love*

Then I need to run errands and possibly pick up a new bathing suit for swimming at Keith's tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun times are fun!!

Today I met my Mommy friend Jennifer *and baby Charlotte* and her friend Melina *and baby Noah* in Montrose. We met at Bellies baby store then walked a little and had lunch at Black Cow Cafe. I had the yummiest blue cheese Angus burger and fries. We hung out for 2 hours talking about Mommy things. Sadly I didn't take any pics :( Olivia was wonderful, she fussed a little but I was smarty pants and I had a bottle ready for her. Now we are back home and she is enjoying her playmat and talking loudly *squealing and laughing* I need to upload some new Tom Waits songs on my iphone. Speaking of iphones, I called Best Buy yesterday and they are saying that the iphone in white may not be available until the END OF THE YEAR!!

The plan was to get them from Best Buy as anniversary presents to each other but I have called everyday and the black iphone is sold out. I did find this rad onesie today that I need to get for Liv

Monday, July 26, 2010

Liv's a Supermodel

Our gorgeous 7 weeker has had more pictures taken than most people have taken in their entire lifetime. I can't help but get camera-hyper with her *Antz calls me Mommerazzi*. My Mom took tons of photos of me growing up but my Antz hardly has a handful of photos of himself in his younger days. I am hoping one day Olivia will appreciate us documenting her life as best we could. Last Wednesday I was on my own taking her weekly so I didn't get that many poses. Here are the top 3:

As many photos as we have taken, I feel like they are pretty blah. I really want to showcase Liv's personality, it's difficult catching her glowing smile with the camera. I have always liked the commerical for the Amazon Kindle

This incredible blog has the same concept for her daughter. I love the idea of being able to pose Liv while she sleeps *so she is less fussy*


Now I need to visit the fabric store and put together our own masterpieces.
On another subject, we received *the much anticipated* invitation to Keith & Tina's house for swimming and BBQ this Saturday. I am excited to teach Liv how to swim and Liv will meet Tina and our friend Maeve for the first time.

Weekend o' Birthdays

Last weekend was my Mommy's and my BFF, Aimee's birthdays. We decided at the last minute to go to my Mom's house in Apple Valley. It was fun, we picked up *the yummest* steak and shrimp from Applebees and I got my yummy blue coconut slush from Sonic. We got in the spa with Liv and she slept while floating in her starfish. We came back to LA on Sunday to drop off Aimee's painting. We dressed Liv in her in the onesie Aimee bought her that says Mommy is Queen. I didn't think it would fit because it's 3-6 months but it looked great on her.

I LOVE how punk rock she looks!!

We luckily found parking on her street *despite crazy Venice Beach crowds* so we hung out at her house for a while. Believe it or not, she didn't like the painting!!

Oh well, she wants this version of the Virgin Mary so Antz will paint it for her.

I am so excited because I found the scarves I was looking for from Target.

I also got one in white and I didn't have to plunk down the $98 Nordstrom price tag. I am still searching for the perfect cardigan. While at Target I picked up these adorable books.

These make me want to bake like a madwoman. I have so many cupcake designs I want to experiment with but I definitely need to get new muffin tins and Goddess Martha baking tools. Speaking of Mad, I need to watch the new episode of Mad Men *yay*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dirty, Pretty Things

I have always loved the title of this Audrey Tautou film but not loved the movie so much. Anyway, during my hunt for a new cardigan, I saw the new jewelry at Anthropologie

I adore these necklaces and they are all under $60!!
I had an Anthropologie necklace a year ago that I cherished but one day it fell apart while I was wearing it. The beads scattered everywhere.

Oh well, my wants are secondary. Olivia's wishlist comes first. I will be ordering her books and her hamper. Antz is on his way home with dinner. It's so nice out I want to eat outside on the patio. We may go for a walk with Liv and Maxwell in Atwater Village.

This Pretty Thing took 7 weeks to surpass Totoro! She's starting to hold her head up on her own.