Monday, May 31, 2010

Remodelling, Redecorating & Repairs

I feel like we did such an amazing job on Olivia's nursery and making our house look presentable for the shower that I can now take on the daunting tasks of the bathroom and kitchen *the money rooms*. Although I won't have a budget to do anything until next year, it doesn't hurt to start planning.

Antz wants to paint the kitchen a light blue *similar to the one the wall decal is on* but I'm not sure yet. My concept is to take off the cabinet doors *which means we would need new, pretty dishes and organize our shelves better*, paint the cabinets white and replace the knobs with the Villa Capri knobs. Have the floor professionally refinished, replace the awful ceiling fan with a pendant lamp. Paint the walls, trim and crown molding. Repair/replace the plumbing and install white *or another color* subway tiles backsplash and new countertop. I would eventually like to put in a dishwasher but there really isn't any room and the plumbing would be expensive. When Olivia is old enough we want to put in her mini kitchen to play with but again, space is an issue.

Let's take a look a how my pregnancy has progressed!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer BBQ Kickoff!!

OMG!! I can't believe I can use these fat fingers to type, I am so stuffed with baked beans, corn bread, baked chicken breast and frozen apple juice. I had 3 plates of food!!

Antz Mom's cooking really puts a spell on me lately. I am in a serious food coma! We just got home from Best Buy where we bought a new lens cap for our camera, yay! On the way home we stopped at a fire station to ask if the car seat was correctly installed and the guy gave us a thumbs up. We moved it to the center of my backseat and it feels tighter and more assessible. Almost everyone who came to our shower on his family's side was at the BBQ. We had a great time but I had to leave because I am super sleepy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

I am seriously suffering the boreds! Yesterday I went to see Babies *again* with my Mommy and Antz. They both liked it but it sucked that it wasn't playing at the Arclight and we had to go to this crummy theater in Alhambra. When we got home Antz grilled chicken and made the most amazing cobb salad and deviled eggs I've had! I wish I took a pic of the dish because he really used his chef skills. I took more week 39 pics because I only had 1 I liked that I took at acupuncture on Monday.

I was so miserable last night. I didn't use my laptop all night, I didn't turn on the TV *until 1am* and Antz and I sat in the living room and lit the candles in the fireplace and just cuddled. It's much more impressive in person.

He was trying his best to keep me entertained but the only thing I showed interest in doing was eating. I gave in and watched some dumb movie at 1am and ended going to bed around 3:30 *after a late, late night grilled cheese sandwich*. I woke up around 10:30 this morning and Antz was working on his computer for an art project. I still have no agenda for today. Tomorrow we are going to Antz Mom's for his sister's BBQ birthday party. I really want to go swimming! Our friend Keith is the only person we know with a pool but he is having his kitchen remodeled so it will be at least until July before he has us over. I would love to go to a hotel to lounge by the pool but in my current state, I'm sure noone wants to see me preggers in a bathing suit *or even non preggers*!
Antz and I put together her swing which was a little more work than we anticipated. It's pretty awesome but the swing makes a noise that I am finding annoying, the music is cute some classical, some nursery rhymes and some nature sounds but all very synthesized.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What chu talkin' bout?

Latest victim in the celeb death world is Gary Coleman. I knew he would leave us early due to his medical conditions and his awful wife *throws a printer at her*. I had my totally bizarre Gary Coleman encounter while working at Starbucks in a mall where Gary worked as a security guard *see bizarre*. He came by and flirted with one of my co-workers and asked her out on a date. Unfortunately for Gary, she was taken at the time. So my Mommy came over last night and spent the night. We had a nice evening, had dinner out on the patio. This morning Mom & me had waffles at my diner and I went to the grocery store for prolly the last time in a few months. We are going to see Babies at 2 when Antz gets off. Antz Mom couldn't make it because she is busy preparing for Clinnie's birthday party this Sunday. I feel absolutely fine, a bit anxious because now I have visions of my water breaking in the most awkward of places *public restrooms, in the car, etc.* Now is the time, Antz is on his way home so I shall put my shoes on and wait for him to text me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoy your boredom now

This is the advise my husband, Mom and BFF have given me. I am crawling out of my skin. I am in no hurry whatsoever to give birth but I am not enjoying nothing to do but sit around and watch TV. I am trying to rest and it is not working. I just washed dishes, wash/folded laundry, put clothes away, straightened out my closet, cleaned the bathroom, emptied the trash, and now I'm washing the inner shower curtain. I know I'm nesting but there isn't much to nest. I actually am going to start planning our garage makeover. Ever since the shower and the repair, we have made the garage into a storage facility that is very Hoarders style. We need to dust off our bikes and do something about our pest problem. It smells so much better in there so we'll need to treat the wood with an stain. I would love to make the garage look pretty like this
*borrowed from Making it Lovely*

Antz promptly vetoed this design, he said the color palette is too *girlie* and we have a spider situation in there that would ruin anything nice. I am going to put together a mood board but I don't know how much I want to spend on a room I hardly ever use. I know we need a pegboard from Lowes, some shelving from Ikea Gorm and a bike rack Gravity Bike Stand. I would like to put in Flor carpet but it depends on the budget.
So far I put together this mood board, the total budget comes to a little over $500.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

39 weeks, 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated!!

Holy Balls! Dr. Teng checked me this morning and surprisingly I am 1 cm dilated and she felt Olivia's head!! She thinks I'll make it to my due date so that makes me happy.

At the doc office. I felt a little better about her checking my cervix this time. I am trying to allow myself to relax *which is totally hard*. We brought the shower scrapbook to show the nurses and they loved it. They kept saying we are going to spoil Olivia and what is going to happen when we have our second. I was like NO WAY, no second, only one!! Today David is coming by to pick up his final check. I am so happy the garage is done, we have all the proper permits and this weekend Antz is going to clean it out and make it all organized and garage-y. This Friday is his sister Clinnie's birthday, we are going to his Mom's house this Sunday for a BBQ. I should be fine by then. Story wants to do something this Tuesday because she's off so I'll have something to distract me. I am super excited because my hunt for diaper covers has been called off. I saw some adorable ones on my BBC group and she told me she got them from eBay...duh why didn't I look there?? So the diaper covers are monogrammed and only $10.99!!

I want to buy like 20 of them, hah.  They also have personalized bibs and burp clothes so I'm getting them too. Unfortunately, the seller isn't available until May 30th so I'll wait to order them then. I still am on my clean streak. I need to figure out how to set up the bedroom with the bassinet next to our bed, where my laptop will go and how I will be able to get in and out of bed without stubbing my toe on the bassinet everytime *which I have*. Well I just got hit with the sleepies. I'll post later skaters!
My nap was short lived, David came by to get his check. I then decided to go to Giggle and buy the breast pump and bottle set.

While I was in Pasadena I decided to swing by Urban Outfitters to get that fedora I liked.

This guy felt a little too Indiana Jonesish, I felt too jazzy in the straw color and I love the color of this one

I totally didn't intend to match with my cardigan but I love the blue color. A steal for $24! I look a total mess without makeup lately!! I then started craving broccoli cheese soup so I went to Panera Bread in Glendale. I called Antz to see if his car was ready to pick up but he was stuck in meetings. I went by Honda and paid for his car and picked up his keys. Since he didn't get out of meetings till 5:30, I went back home and pigged out on soup. Then I went back to pick up Antz and take him to get his car. I am spent. Everyone keeps giving me the crazy eyes when I tell them I'm due in a week. I'm not handicapped and I have just as much energy as I always do so why stay couped up in the house.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8 Days to go...eek!

Pretty boring Tuesday, David came by with the inspector and we got the final sign off. His crew came by to drop off our broom and our garage door opener and pick up the rest of their tools. So it has come to a close and the garage/deck is now complete. He is coming by tomorrow to get his last check. I must be in full-on nest mode because I cleaned the kitchen and our bedroom like nobody's business. I did 4 loads of laundry, I filed months of paperwork and I organized my desk *seems like I do that every week*. Antz brought dinner home and we took a short walk in Atwater Village with Max. At first I was feeling stuffed and uncomfortable but the walk was nice. We hadn't taken Max out in months so he was sniffing around and growling at every person. There are a few new shops open on Glendale Blvd. that look cool. I am bummed that our favorite art gallery and shop closed last month. When we got home we put together her activity mat and hung out in the nursery. I read Olivia the Giving Tree and I cried like a baby. I am so emotional right now, it's annoying. I can't shake this feeling of terror about labor. Everyone is telling me I can do it and I'll be fine but easier said than done. Last night we went to Fridas for Happy Hour with Roxy. I ordered *virgin* strawberry margaritas and they were yummy. We really had a good time.

Tomorrow we have a prenatal appt. I am not looking forward to Dr. Teng checking my cervix again. I do want to know what position Liv is in, last week she was facing my right side so we need her to turn. Olivia currently has the hiccups. Nothing much going on this week. Still feeling trepidatious *bites nails*