Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a wonderful world!!

How is it that yesterday was supposed to be a free day for us and we both feel exhausted? I am going to be in the hospital by Friday at the rate I'm going. We cleaned the kitchen like it's never been cleaned before, from top to bottom. I may have over-exerted myself because by the time I collasped into bed, I was in major pain in my back and ligaments. I feel worst for Antz because at least I get to recuperate in bed all day but he is up at 7am painting the window sills and the backdoor. Then he trudges off to work for 9 hours and comes home to work until 1am. He keeps telling me I can't wait for the shower to be over but I can because as much as I want to have Olivia here, I am not looking forward to labor. Gilli is meeting with us next Friday to go over our birth plan and coach Antz as my stand-in doula. Today should be less to do. I finally got an email from Gail and she did rsvp *nice, 5 days before the shower* so that means I need to call Pico Party Rents and add another chair to our order. I also forgot to pick up the flatware and chopsticks yesterday at PF Changs so I'll have to pick them up today. When Antz gets home he's going to wash Max *yay* and we will assemble the feather centerpieces. Aimee may come over today, she wants me to go with her to Giggle to pick out my gift *which totally defeats our registry* but that's fine, at least I'll get something I've had my eye on for some time.

I've been peaking at my registry and boy is it disappointing. So far only 6 things have been purchased so far. I am going to have to buy everything else we need after the shower, BOO!

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