Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garage repair take 2...?

We had our meeting with David, it went ok. I am not 100% convinced that our worries are over but at least there is a plan to move forward. I still feel stressed but I have a little more faith in having it done before the shower. The city is requiring us to build a *fire wall* on the side of the garage roof. David said we have to pay for the materials which will be stucco *lame*. The crew worked inside the garage all day and will be in there again tomorrow. They should start the posts on Saturday and the city inspector should be here again on Monday. Once he gets an approval stamp they can go into overdrive. He is now anticipating the completion date will be Monday May 10th. I have heard this so many times I'll believe it when it happens. So another day filled with drama in the soap opera of our house. The fireplace screen was delivered today. The stupid UPS guy again didn't ring my buzzer but the gate was open today from the workers so he just left it on the porch. I am a wee bit bummed that the screen is smaller than the one we had before.

Antz still needs to cement the loose tile and scrub the brick. I need to figure out a DIY-project for the mantel. We have the new Mod frames but I want them to be displayed outside. Actually after a convo with Antz, it's better to put the frames on the mantel. We are using one of the *amazing spray painted* frames for the gift table and the dessert table.

Hopefully this will give the guests a little hint to use their moustaches. Antz put up our new wreath so I can see how it looks on our red door. Pretty swank!

We measured the backyard and it *appears* everything will fit but I'll only know when the tables are delivered the day before the shower *eep* Today Antz got the last of our friends rsvp, our friend's Dave & Sam. Now there are 11 more people who haven't rsvped, so I have to call them on Saturday *grrr*. Tonight Antz is going to print some of our maternity photos.

Back to Work!

I suppose I should thank my lucky stars that this morning the crew showed up and started framing. I am totally stressed out and nervous about how much David is going to say the iron will cost us. Last night we went to Alcapulcos for dinner to discuss our options *not like we have any*. If he says it will be under $400, I can live with that *although it will cut our savings and my itouch*. I know it will be well over $500 maybe even $1000! I can't think of any compromises at the moment. David hasn't called us so that bothers me as well. This morning we had our prenatal appt. It was nice because we had a student doc who was really nice. She check Olivia's heartbeat *149* and I measured 35cm. I let her know how stressed I've been and she said Liv is meauring perfect, next appt in May Dr. Teng will give us an ultrasound so we can see how big she is. After the appt. I went to Target and picked up some chalk. I want to practice my handwriting for the menu.

I haven't been sleeping so well. I am not waking up for long periods but I can't get comfortable and I wake up really groggy, not refreshed  as before. I know its the stress from this project. Sigh! The fireplace screen should be coming today and hopefully the Mod frames will come too. Tomorrow I am meeting Aimee and we are going to Sprinkles. I would normally be super stoked about it but I am too bummed out to get excited. I still have so many things to buy for Olivia *baby wrap, stroller, her Uggs, her Tiffany's brush and whatever we don't get from our registry*

Grrr, David told Antz it's $45 per post and we need 19 which is ....$855!!
I knew it would be closer to $1000 than $400. I am hoping we can negotiate that price. Antz is at the point where he wants to just pay it and be done but it is really taking money out of Olivia's stroller savings *the stroller comes out on May 1st* and to me it's unacceptable. We are meeting with him at 5:30 today, hopefully we'll get things moving and they will be done by Friday of next week *not going hold my breath on this one*. Even if we pay the money *rolls eyes*, the inspection could take too long or not get approved for another *unnecessary* reason that costs more money.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I woke up with a fire under me, a jump in my step and a smile on my face. I was happily greeted by my lovely husband outside spray painting the menu mat, 2 frames and an old planter. He's so rad!

What a difference a $6 can of spray paint makes!  We plan to buy cream peonies for the planter.

We can't wait to print our gorgeous maternity photos and put them in the frames. Tonight Antz will support the back of the mat with wood and cut the foam board to paint with chalkboard paint.

We did a test sample of the paint, it will definitely need 2 or 3 coats. The foam board is pretty absorbant. I'm going to Target tomorrow after our prenatal appt and I'll buy some chalk.
My Mom called me and we were on the phone for over 3 hours! We had a really interesting, fun conversation. She is in town this week and will stop by our house this Saturday. Fed Ex delivered our wreath from Etsy :)

Isn't it FAB! I love it so much, I need to find a protectant spray so it doesn't get dirty.
We also got a gift from our registry from Gilli, my acupuncturist

I love it but I have no idea where we will keep it. I am thinking we will use it at the Grandmother's houses.
Today David and the architect are supposed to come over to discuss the blueprints, I guess it's small progress. I really hope they start work tomorrow at least Friday. I was bummed about the glider not being delivered in time for the shower so I sent some emails to the company and they responded that I should get it no later than May 12th. I will be so relieved once I get the glider and the bassinet.
David came by today to update me about the roof. Turns out the city is requiring more materials *irons posts* and more work to be done to get approval. This means more money from us. He is getting an iron estimate and wants to meet with us on Saturday but I want to meet sooner to get the work started. At this point I feel drained, extorted and blindsided. I can argue that the contractor should be responsible for permits and he isn't holding up his end on getting the project finished in a week. Me making these arguments doesn't get the work finished though. I can't take him to court and I am beyond stressed out *my poor husband is too* and I feel really helpless. I have no clue how much more it will cost or even how much longer it will take to finish. We are both regretting the choice to start this project. I am back on the bummer bus and it's taking all the fun out of our DIY projects and moving forward. My greatest fear is our roof won't be finished in time for the party. My Mom keeps telling me to get the roof done without the railing and finish the railing in a few months. It would make our house look awful, we wouldn't be able to put back our floodlight and the railing for the stairs wouldn't have anything to anchor to. This is neverending, everytime I get my hopes up that we have tackles a hurdle, 3 more pop up. This is the least of my worries at this point. I need to be relaxed and preparing for the birth of our daughter. I have cried my eyes out twice about it, now I am ambivalent. MAJOR SUCK!

Were we better off with this? Than this?

Worst day ever has now become best day ever!

I was super bummed earlier today but now I am MEGA STOKED!! Antz spoke to David and he has promised us the blueprints would be done tomorrow and permits drawn and the crew will be back to work by Thursday so all is well *I hope*. So that of course immediately cheered me up. Then on the way home Antz had more junk to drop off to Goodwill and he picked up a couple of frames for the shower. We are going to paint them tomorrow. We went to our last Labor & Birth class and it was super fun. I really like the instructor, Carolyn.

I am totally freaked out about the labor but I am better prepared. I really hope Gilli will be there because she is my only hope to make it through the delivery drug-free. So when we got home from class I had an email from Sarah with our maternity pics. OMG!!! I was expecting greatness but these photos look FANTASTIC!! I love them so much, here are my favorites. Sarah is a genius. I can't wait to see her again for Olivia's newborn shoot.

I think they look amazing, Sarah has a really great eye and made the shoot fun. It totally fits our personality. I wish she was in LA more often, I want to recommend her to everyone!!! Nighty Night