Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glastonbury Greatest Headliners of History, or at least in my opinion!

I have been fantasizing about going to Glastobury since the early nineties (a time too embarrassing for me to further elaborate on). I have seen a good portion of my top headliners a bunch of times but this list would be the ultimate musical orgasm for me. I have composed a list of my all-time *alive or dead* 20 Greatest Headliners in Life. The best thing is I don't have to camp out for a week in mud or pay 20 pounds for disgusting, vile British food either. Enjoy :)

***bjork*** - this is a no-brainer, however I would love to see her in her Post/Homogenic days, now she's a bit more lullebye-ish and less rockin as she was back then.

Tom Waits - Any time period is fine as long as it's not that Somewhere in Time garbage

Billie Holiday - She can sing the Alphabet song and I would cry, Strangefruit is the most saddingly beautiful song I have ever heard in my life. That song is an anthem.

Freezepop - For the mere fact I enjoy dancing at shows, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO ROKK!!

Goldfrapp - see above reason

Belle & Sebastian - This is tricky because I have 25 favorites of them and it would be really hard to choose between them.

Mos Def - I devoted much of 1998 to him and I have never seen him live, I saw The Roots and Erykah Badu but I would love to see a trio happen, uugh sickness!

Elliott Smith - He is so saddington and sad people are hilarious!

David Bowie - Ah-duh! too obvious

April March - Rocking ass French chick who I adore, so dope.

Joanna Newsom - I saw her open for bjork but the audio was being retarded so I would like to hear her again so I could appreciate her rocking out on a harp.

The Gossip - My best friend saw her at a club in downtown and I am majorly jealous because she said Beth was saying Aaliyah was her favorite artist and she sang like 2 tributes to her, now I am not an Aaliyah fan but I would have loved to be at that show! Plus she is the hot sauce!

Oingo Boingo - Rules my 80's life, I-i-i-i- love little girls, they make me feel so good!

Mickey Avalon - Only because he's a hot and sweaty mess, I like his stink.

Portishead - I have their dvd live in Roseland NYC but it doesn't do Beth justice. Her voice is hauntingly amazing.

M.I.A. - She's like dancehall and Miami ass shaking in one, I have been down with her since 05!

Daft Punk - besides being the shiznit, they have the best videos on the planet, I was so mad when Kanye "borrowed" their beats.

John Coltrane - I would just like to hear A Love Supreme Live, is that asking too much?

Astrud Gilberto - That girl is POISON! I love her sweet voice, it never gets old for me, I'm down with a little bossa nova!

The Bird and the Bee - Such a amazing band, very retro sounding.

Black Box Recorder - Close to TB&TB I love English singers!!

Tori Amos - I hear she is amazing live, I was almost embarrassed to add her too my list because she reminds me so much of that Lilith Fair - don't shave your armpits type crowd but fuck that, she's rad and I stand by her.

Actually I am hoping we can go to Glastonbury in 2016, the problem is whenever I see the headliners it's like only 3 amazing bands and everyone else is mediocre. How the hell did Neil Diamond Headline last year??