Friday, October 2, 2015

The BRO-Duh Museum

I know I spelled Broad wrong in my title but for the strange sake of fancy people wanting to sound fancy, The Broad rhymes with road but you'll never hear me say it like that. I say Broad like fraud, like an American! Anyway, the highly anticipated Broad museum opened in downtown LA a few weeks ago. I signed up for online reservations in early August and the earliest opening I could get was October 1st. We have been excited to check it out since the building itself looks like a piece of art. It's hard to compete when you are across the street from the famous Walt Disney concert hall designed by Frank Gentry.

Obviously this was her favorite room

My favorite Jeff Koons piece

Olivia took this photo of us. She's getting good with her composition.

Antz wanted this art

I've been a fan of Murakami for years now. I really wish I could have seen his show at Versailles!

All the batting my lashes and pleading didn't get me any Murakami plushies

There is such high demand for online reservations there is almost a 2 month waiting list. I definitely would like to go again since we didn't get to see the Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room.