Thursday, April 16, 2015

La Tour Eiffel

It's been three weeks since my trip to Paris and I still can smell the fresh baked baguettes in the air. Visiting Paris during spring is such a difference than being there during the summer. I was concerned that the weather would be too cold, rainy and gloomy. Being cold makes me miserable but I loved the crisp air. It never rained, so of course I schlepped my rain boots and umbrella in my suitcase for nothing. I really don't have much cold weather clothes so I bought a new coat from Asos (on sale!). Every day the sun would peek out just long enough for me to take some incredible photos. I know I was driving Aimee insane because I couldn't walk one block without stopping to snap photos of buildings, flowers or even the lovely cobblestone streets.

So, I know it's super cheesy and very American touristy but I had to test my courage and check out the new glass floor on the Eiffel Tower. It's only on the first floor of the tower but it's really high up *60 meters above ground!* I waited in line for 45 minutes for an elevator which ended up only going to the second floor so I took some quick shots of the view since Aimee was downstairs waiting for me.

Looking north at Trocadéro. It was totally cloudy but the sun popped out just as I took these
Looking east (there's our Dîner en Blanc bridge!)
Southern views

Sadly, I had no one to kiss so I blew an air kiss to Antz and Liv
The view from the 1st level glass floor
Can you see Aimee down there?

I'm not joking about how terrifying this was for me!
My best #fromwhereIstand so far