Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day Yumness 2009

The last time I saw my husband's family was September for his Mommy's birthday. That's when we made the announcement of bebe. We reunited for Thanksgiving yummyness. I actually double-booked myself for Turkey day. I made plans to spend it with our best friends but we decided to make an appearance at Antz Mom's. Good decision, the food was really good and everyone had questions about the pregnancy..."am I drinking enough water?", "have you bought any maternity clothes yet?" I am and this weekend I bought my first nursing bras from the Gap.

Maria, my Mommy-in-law, maker of yummy goodness!

Me and my over-endulgence, hey it was Bebe's first Thanksgiving!

A mere fraction of my hubby's clan, note the yellow was just coincidental.

So, after many *cranberry toasts* and my husband eating seconds and two pieces of pie, we rushed off to our other family's house, our BFFs Story & Chris for Thanksgiving round 2. Our friends Jess & Tom made a turkey wrapped in bacon and Story made side dishes galore. We had an exciting game of Taboo and watched Lord of the Rings *true nerds*

A first for us, not so keen on bacon with turkey

Our surrogate family, Story & Chris

It was a fun, stress-free, tummy busting Thanksgiving. I somehow willed myself to wake up at 4am the next morning and I almost joined the madness that is Black Friday but Antz convinced me to make my purchase online. Turns out to be a much better idea and I scored the package deal for $599.99 from Best

Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera

I have been coveting a Nikon D90 but I think the D3000 is more economically sound to start with a beginner's SLR.
I haven't even mastered my Canon Powershot yet. I am more concerned with not dropping or scratching the camera. Friday night we went to Apple Valley to visit my Mommy. That's where I truly got to enjoy my favorite Thanksgiving tradition, steak and Alaskan king crab legs! I spent the weekend warming my bum by the fire while my mom and Antz worked on tiling the floor of my Mom's new bathroom. We are going next weekend to help finish. I can't wait to spend next Thanksgiving with our bebe. Who knows, I may even cook!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The latest Baby Dance Sensation

If I knew how, I would put Single Ladies *by Pomplamoose* on this video. We saw Dr. Teng last Thursday and she told us all was lovely and we won't see her again until January. We have a nuchal translucency screening next Tuesday. Totally freaked out about it after reading all the pamphlets the nurse gave me.

11 weeks from liz hall on Vimeo.

The latest bebe dancing sensation. I have a bad case of the sniffles and sneezes. I am trying hard to not get sick, particularly so close to Turkey day! So after seeing the wonderful Fantastic Mr Fox, I felt totally nostalgic for The Royal Tenenbaums. Brilliant cast, kick ass soundtrack, best usage of 1970's style New York Gypsy yummy!

How rad would that wallpaper be in our bebe's nursery?! We went to our good friend's *not so very* surprise dinner party and tonight we had thai with Antz sister. My ligament still hurts but walking helps. Antz has almost all of next week off. He has been Mr Fix-it around the house.

Our poor stairs, the gardener breaks the tile bringing up his mower and the foundation moves quite a bit, so...


What a huge improvement, the problem is, the gardener will most likely crack the new tiles on Monday and our foundation still moves. He also cleaned out the spiders from the garage and made it actually not feel creepy to stand in it. My husband rules!
Bon nuit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of posies

I just realized I need to brush up on my nursery rhymes and songs. It has been a week since I wrote, but I can't say it's been busy. I have been stuck in a daily routine that is feeling quite monotonous. We bought tile for our front stairs this weekend and Antz will be taking Thursday off to work on them. I also got free tix for a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox, a Wes Anderson film. I am just disappointed Anjelica Huston is not in it

Anjelica and Jeff Goldblum *my crush*

We are going to our first official Ob/Gyn appt. on Thursday. I scheduled the nuchal screening test for Nov. 24th. I feel like I'm on pause. I am too early for any fun preggo events. I have been taking naps everyday around the same time. I am looking forward to starting prenatal yoga next month. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get some weekly swimming into my activities *Keith & Tina's house*. I feel a little blue because I would love to be starting some home reno projects to prep our house for sale and we can get into Atwater Village. Well, it's not a bright idea to be around major work while I'm preggers. So maybe 2010 will be the year we move. Still craving a babymoon, I will have to book soon because after 20 weeks, no travel.

My dream Babymoon

Big Sur Glen Oaks Cabins
There is also a spa nearby. Not sure how great I would feel after a 6 hour drive but at least it's close.  My lovely is making his amazing tacos for dinner so I shall leave you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Things I Would Like to Do

1. I would like to spend Christmas at a Bed & Breakfast in Canada

2. Read the complete works of Shakespeare.

3. Have my hair chemically straightened at a Beverly Hills salon.

Ken Paves salon on Robertson Blvd.

4. Cook Thanksgiving dinner from scratch

5. Actually complete the crochet hat I started in May

My progress vs the finished outcome

Tomorrow we are seeing my Ob/gyn. No more Dr. Evans :(  I am too stuffed to continue writing as I am filled with Antz yummy tacos!

Goodnight Moon

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My face hurts from smiling so much!

OMG!! Today we saw the bebe moving!! Well actually dancing. I will try to upload the video

Our Baby from liz hall on Vimeo.

I went to St Andrews today to sign up for the Christening. It will be July 17, 2010. The hard part is choosing Godparents. We want Story & Chris but one parent must be Catholic. We and the Godparents have to attend a Baptism class in May. I don't know if they will go. I am super tired today but too excited to sleep. I made our first prenatal appt. with our Ob/Gyn Dr. Teng. Last time I saw her was in January 2008 for my pap smear. Today was our last appt at HRC. I am sad to no longer see Dr. Evans. I had Antz get some Neopets toys for her kids and they gave us a gift for the bebe.

Last night Antz and I went for a walk in Little Tokyo. I wanted to buy the addidas for the bebe but of course they were sold out. Antz was like, don't worry we'll find them online. I looked everywhere but could only find green and navy. Finally out of nowhere I found the orange ones on YAY! I bought them in a size 2 (3 - 6 months). So I made our first official bebe purchase :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Shenanigans

I am surprised this year we got quite a few trick-or-treaters. Last year we had one lone Vampire and he completely cleaned us out. I was not at all impressed by these kids costumes. Superman PJs? Scream, generic plastic masks and one kid was Neo from the Matrix *what is this 1996*.
Well, my costume wasn't that creative this year as well. I went with comfort over style.

Rosemary Woodhouse & Waldo "Stephan"

Antz looked great!
We went to Leslie's Party and had a great time. Their house looks amazing.

The Hosts Leslie & Stephan

Keith & Tina

Chris as Nosferatu

Antz painted these

Halloween isn't complete without A Nightmare Before Christmas

They just put in pavers and sod.

We had a really fun time. Today we are having a lazy Sunday and Antz is going to make his delicious tacos. I'm watching the first Night of the Living Dead. We saw Paranormal Activity on Friday. It was scary but too unrealistic for me. Antz was really scared. I can't wait until next Halloween when our little one will be with us!