Friday, January 29, 2010

One Godparent down, two to go!

Today my best friend, Aimee came to visit me and Livs. She is more excited about me having a girl than all of us. She went shopping for her already at Baby Gap and Play Planet Funk. I had this striped dress on my wishlist.

I adore this romper, it's by Hula Mula, I think it's mega cuteness overload!

I took her to Giggle in Pasadena to show her the nursery furniture and some items on my registry. I asked her to be our bebe's godmother and she totally cried tears of joy. She is so happy as if she didn't know I would ask her!  Not much is going on with me, Olivia has been kicking on a regular basis and Antz can now feel her kicking too. I'm sort of bummed because I have jury duty next week. Tomorrow we are going to Paramount to see Nine.
Wednesday night was quite fun, my old friend Carlos is launching a menswear line *the Victoria Secret of guys undies* and he had a party at a club in downtown LA. We got all dressed up and had a great time. I even met Nick Verreos from Project Runway season 2!!

My hot date, Antz, Carlos, Stephanie & Me

Me and Nick, he was very sweet and he complimented Antz hair

Me and one of the models, he was really short!

Water, of course

It was a really swell time at an old bank renovated into a club. My friend Carlos just got engaged to his girlfriend of 7 years, Stephanie, so I am super excited for him. I was just telling Antz I would like to go to a wedding but we couldn't think of anyone who would be getting married.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures in La La Land

As I promised here are the results of today's explorations. We started with lunch at In & Out *best place on Earth* tasted fruit samples at the Montrose farmer's market and ended up in various beautiful locations. We are both tired from all the walking and posing.

Park in Glendale with Japanese Gardens

Antz in the tea house

Historic 1900's Victorian Home

Next stop, Forest Lawn Cemetary Glendale *where Michael Jackson rests*


The Grand Masoleum is where Michael Jackson/Clark Gable/Jimmy Stewart/Sammy Davis Jr./Carol Lombard/Jean Harlow/Edith Head/ & Mary Pickford are resting unfortunately their graves are all private so I couldn't get a closer shot. Walt Disney is also here but we couldn't find it. Next time I'll get a shot, he's in a garden that is open to the public *not cryogentically frozen under Pirate of the Carribean ride*

Our last stop was a last minute local spot that I've known about forever, the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens. The site itself isn't that spectacular but the grounds look like the perfect place for our bebe shower until I saw the rental fees. For a Saturday in May for under 150 guests it starts at $6,500! NO WAY!!



I love this patio, it would be fantastic for the shower but there's no way we can afford that much!


Today is lazy Sunday, my Antz told me we are embarking on an adventure to take incredible photos around the city so I'm excited to post the outcome. Last week was stormy and rainy but this weekend has been sunny and the rain has washed away all the LA smog.
 I took this Thursday afternoon, the view from my bedroom window

Sadly most of the snow has since melted.
Yesterday I did something extraordinary and I cooked not only delectable brownies for the first time but I found a Martha Stewart *her holiness* french toast receipe. Who would have known the key ingredient for yummy french toast is orange juice? My french toast came out unbelieveable! Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my brilliant breakfast but I assure you it was most delicious. I have been enjoying cooking but our stove sucks and I need more counter space *as I've never before had to actually prepare ingredients for a meal*.

Before I get dressed I wanted to express my sincere devotion to the following;

1. Ampers&s! How rad are they?

2. How amazingly soft & fluffy my dog is since his bath yesterday

3. I love the bebe playlist I made in itunes for Olivia, last night I put the headsets on my belly and went to sleep so she could enjoy the tunes *I hope she got some sleep*
björk, radiohead, Billie Holiday, belle & sebastian, Yann Tiersen *Amélie soundtrack*, the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, blonde redhead, Sigur Rós and Joanna Newsom are just a few of the artists
4. I am falling in love with my backyard again *despite the lack of grass* the rain did our garden well

5. This artist, Mandy Sutcliffe

6. I cannot get enough cocoa butter on my body *although it's not winning the battle of stretch marks* the yummiest smell in the world

7. Baby elephants!!!

8. These pillows *I must have them* from etsy

It's time to go explore, I will upload this evening. Bonjour!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lizzie's Wild Ride

I know it's totally cliche but as I'm watching this show on Mtv called the Buried Life based on the book 1,000 Things to do Before you die, so I feel compelled to list what I've accomplished so far. You know, to feel better about myself!

1. Attended a Björk concert in a foreign country *Paris June 2003*

Every show I've been to my camera has failed me, that blue dot is Björk!
My BFF Aimee and me right before the show * so far I've seen Björk live 5 times*
2. Been on television *I won the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right 1997 and a game show called Cram 2002*

Dude, I hair and fake nails are MEGA EMBARRASSING!! It was the 90's...right?

I won a trip to Venice, Italy *my husband and mine first vacation together*

Luckily no birds pooped on me
3. Attended a live taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien in New York

Also attended a live taping of Conan in Los Angeles *

Antz made my I'm With Coco shirt
4. Been on to the top of the Empire State Building *actually, we got engaged at the top of the Empire State Building on December 26, 2000* Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, *I wrote our names on the Eiffel Tower in 2003* Tower of London and Buckingham Palace

On top of the Eiffel Tower

5. Bought our first house *3/2006*

6. Rescued a cat from an Animal Shelter *my Lola in 2007*

7. Sat front row at a Broadway play in New York *Rent 12/2000*

8. Flown first class internationally *Virgin Airlines from LA to London in 2003, it was lovely*

Oh man, how will I ever fly coach again?!
9. Snuck into Björk's after-party and spoke to/danced with Björk!!! *San Jose 2007*

My camera hates me!
If you look real closely, you can see Antz in his gray hoodie *at the 0:07 second mark*

10. Had my dream wedding on the beach and married the man of my dreams *most perfect day of my life August 18, 2002*

*Here's our 10 year wedding anniversary Pop Up Dinner

11. Attended a birth *My sis-in-law August 7, 2000*

12. Attended an awards show *Mtv Movie Awards 2006, Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2007/2008/2011 & 2012*

Yep, it's me and FLAVA FLAAAAAAAAV!
I'm sure you know this lady

13. Went to Salvation Mountain in Indio, CA.

14. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge *December 2000, boy, was it cold* and visited the John Lennon memorial in Central Park

15. Went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose *Spooky Halloween flashlight tour in 2005*

16. Played tambourine onstage at concert *I went on tour with my Mom a lot as a kid*

Stevie & me in 1987
17. Saw Michael Jackson live in concert *one of the first official concerts (that my Mom didn't work) I ever attended in 1985*

18. Flown jumpseat on a red eye flight to New York *when I worked at JetBlue, not recommended*

19. Auditioned 3 times for The Amazing Race *how rad would that be??!!*

20. Became pregnant with our daughter, Olivia Lily :)

21** Gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Olivia Lily, June 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm

Our daughter is pretty rad!