Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!

I know I'm the only ancient artifact that gets that Laurel & Hardy reference.

Well my VBFF *very best friend forever and ever!* Aimee will now be living in an apartment building that the famous comedic duo once owned. It's less than a block from the Boardwalk/beach but several blocks further north from her old place. We visited her new digs today.

Built-ins rule!! Now we need to paper the shelves like my med cabinet.

This Trundle bed is gnarly but her queen size mattress may not fit.

The previous tenant left his rad organ, Aimee just may inherit it.

Claw foot tub, a real classy joint *let me clarify, I loathe anyone who describes themselves or things as Classy...if you say classy, most likely you're not!*

Who loves this apartment?

Aimee: "I do! I do!" The exposed brick is rad and wooden blinds are lovely.

It's a good sign to find Jesus in your walk in closet, right?

Channeling my inner Elton!

Buu-buuu-buuuu Benny & the Jets!!

Warning; some fucking serious cuteness is about to be posted

This has got to be the best pic of these girls ever!!

I give the place 2 solid thumbs up but I have to throw a thumbs down to no parking. The building is on a pedestrian only street which is charming but I have to park like 3 block away *and we all know how lazy I am!* So after checking out the new crib, we headed to the mall and we were bombarded with "OMG she's so cute!" from strangers. Like this group of ladies who looked like they were going to kidnap her. I didn't get anything exciting from Target *unless you geek out like me* when there is a new edition of Readymade and Fresh Home *my Domino replacement*

Aimee started picking up some stuff for her new place *she has a lot of shopping to do in the next month* I was so tired from lunch, we skipped our planned trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So yesterday I got an email from the owner of the talent agency *YAY!*. I emailed her back letting her know I've scheduled Liv to have her headshots taken at the end of May but I put a link of the Disneyland photo shoot just to give her an idea of Liv's look. I was all excited and expecting her to rave over how cute Liv is *we are, of course, completely biased* and how she can't wait to book her tons of jobs. This is why I never should have expectations *Hello? they fail everytime!* I got back an email with her telling me that I need to submit a photo of Liv *without a hat with a plain background* to her kids divison casting agent and that agent will determine of Liv has the diverse look they need *and that they don't cast kids with similar looks* Umm, really?! I knew she wanted professional headshots, and I thought the whole point of Gilli hooking us up was she is the owner, wouldn't she just sign her without having to go through another agent?


I was all ready to apply for Liv's SAG card, help her with her award acceptance speeches and have her passport ready for when she needs to fly to Paris for fashion week. UGH! I hate when I don't get my way!! *I am going into Brat mode* Hmmph, I'm totally folding my arms and poking my bottom lip out. She better sign Liv when I get her headshots done. I have Gilli's endorsement *that should speak volumes*

I guess it was too easy peasy. Well, I am exhausted *I need to remember to take my prenatal vitamins, I have been so lethargic lately* tomorrow if Antz doesn't work late, we may take Liv to this amazing park.

I read about it in Los Angeles magazine. It's one of the last parks with these 60's creatures made into the slides and jungle gyms. It's pretty rad but I am not a fan of the sand!!

Oh! and I found a PRE-preschool for Liv to start in June. It's Fridays for 3 months. I think it's brilliant, so she'll be acclimated to a school environment and make new friends. This school sounds amazing and it's a Mommy/Daddy & Me class. I am excited to enroll her.
Here's their Mission Statement...LOVE IT!!

I removed the name of the school for the lovely stalkers... thoughtfully-designed parent & me classes offer children and their parents or caregivers a wonderful range of experiences, activities and materials that meet typical developmental needs while catering to and rejoicing in each child’s uniqueness.
Unlike many classes that focus on just one domain of children’s learning (i.e., art or music or gymnastics), ________ offers a comprehensive, developmental and dynamic preschool-like curriculum that includes freeplay, music and movement, arts and crafts, storytime and a healthy snack.  __________’s qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff guide children and their grownups through an age-appropriate class routine that emphasizes choice, creativity, communication and community while supporting children’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development in a non-academic, non-competitive way.
Although we don’t adhere to a particular educational philosophy, you’ll probably feel that our parent & me classes have much in common with some of the more progressive approaches that emphasize child-directed play allowing children to choose the activities they want to engage in, emergent curricula that are responsive to children’s constantly shifting interests, and the use of more natural materials (where possible, wood rather than plastic, and developmental instead of battery-operated).

*LOVE IT!!! I despise seeing kids play with lame toys like Dora the Explorer or video games all day!

Our arts and crafts curriculum is a great example of our philosophy in action. How many times have you watched your child participate in an activity that was supposedly about making art but felt more like an exercise in trying to get your child to follow unnecessarily rigid instructions, or that emphasized tidiness over creativity and innovation? At ____________, we value process more than product, and believe that mess-making is an integral part of exploring and learning about how to use materials like paint, glue, confetti and playdoh. Plus, it’s fun! We understand if you don’t want your gleaming hardwood floors covered with purple glitter, but while here at ________, your child can feel free to spread the sparkly love. Our idea of an art project is to let children put their hands into a bowl of whatever we’ve got on the table that day and make whatever they want out of it (other than a meal).

*HECK YESH!! Make a fucking mess Olivia!!* The space looks adorable and Antz is going to try to leave work early on Fridays to join us at the class *This makes me soo mad they took away the half-day summer Fridays, STUPID corporation, shakes fist!!*

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

I have decided with Liv's 1st year fast approaching, it's now time for her to dive into the entertainment industry. We do live in Hollyweird after all and talent runs in her blood *strictly from her Father and Granny* Although I did have a stint as a child model and attended a year of acting classes, I am the behind the scenes manager/stylist/hair & makeup. Today at my acupuncture appt. Gilli mentioned she knows a casting agent and she is trying to get us connected but I have spent all day reading her blog and I have a ton of work to do before I meet this chick.

First, I need to apply for a work permit *I printed out the application but I'll hold off submitting it since they are only good for 6 months and I'd rather wait until I know she needs one*
Legally she can only work in 3 hour intervals from set times.
I sent Sarah an email to get her price for headshots for Liv *I am thinking of taking them at this amazing park in San Gabriel but I need to know when she'll be in town next*
Liv may need a passport *I have an application filled out, I just need to take her passport photo*
Once she does join this casting agency I want to get her SAG membership as soon as possible. It sounds like it's easier to join the NRA than getting a SAG card but I would prefer her to have one now that when she gets older.

Once she does book work, I'll have to set up a Coogan bank account. Everyone has heard the story of how Gary Coleman's parents spend all his acting money *cold-blooded!* so now parents are required to put their child's earnings into a Coogan trust bank account that can't be touched until Liv turns 18. Sounds great to me and I'll be at ease once she makes her first million!

The biggest obstacle I'm encountering is how to market Liv, she's biracial but she probably won't be cast as a Black kid because of her light complexion. Antz thinks she'll get Hispanic roles. I don't care if she's cast as an Eskimo as long as she gets work. I have no clue of what to put on her resume since she's a newbie but I'm sure the casting agent will help me out.

The good news is I have a connection, it seems impossible to find a legitamite agency without knowing someone in the biz or spending a fortune. I knew she wasn't ready when I submitted her for the BabyGap casting call but  next year I think she'll be a serious contender.

Momager has begun!

PS Turnips are a bust, we were under the impression Liv would eat anything but she Was Not Likin It!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bathroom is el FIN!

Today we put the finishing touches on our bathroom makeover. We met Story & Chris at the Montrose farmers market for a quick snack *Antz had meat skewers and I had peanuts*

Spuzz was giving Liv puppy kisses but I never caught her on camera

These were the biggest strawberries I've ever seen. We bought a little basket because whenever I buy a giant box they always spoil before we eat them.

Story & Chris gave me a belated birthday present of a $50 Anthropologie gift card *Yay!! You know I'm itching to spend it* I am thinking of applying it to my favorite $88 pillow

We had to stop by Paper Source because last night we ran out paper for the medicine cabinet.
Look how pretty it turned out!!

We can't get over how lovely the poop room looks!!

I adore my Anthro knobs, they make our tiny sink look lovely.

Thanks alot Antz foot!

We went to Wackos and spent forever trying to come up with which theme we were putting on the shelf over the mirror. I wanted Calveras, then I saw Gloomy Bear toys

But Antz vetoed it and there was only 2 toys and we wanted to fill the entire space

This guy is adorable but more suitable on our bar

I almost went with the Yo Gabbs plushies but Antz reasoned that the fabric may get wet and mildew from the moisture. *Still super cute for Liv* I want to get them but they have to have the complete set!

I was sold when I found this Bride & Groom

It took some convincing for Antz but I love the Calveras/cute style of these guys and the $8 each price tag was right but they are a little smaller than we wanted.

I wanted this guy soooo bad!! It's so fucking rad but it cost $130 and our total budget was $100 bucks. I have to buy it for our next house. Love this artist, Nathan Ota.

There was a art show going on and I LOVE these pieces!!! Too bad they were all sold.

I am no fan of Betty Boop by any means, but the artist depicted her voluptuous shape exactly like mine and I love her ciggy!

These pieces remind of art Antz did in college. He has a painting of Micky cheating on Minnie with Jessica Rabbit and Minnie getting her revenge with a gun in Liv's nursery. He also has Donald Duck holding the decapitated head of Mickey while standing on a balcony of the Enchanted Castle. *Any grotesque art of Disney makes me happy!*

Antz picked out these creepy cartoon vinyl cats and we ended spending $100.97! Here's how they look in the bathroom.

Now we realize how small the skeletons are we may buy a few more *I liked the Tiger, Koala and the sheep* So we are going to take a house improvement break but sometime in May we will start our veggie/herb garden. This week is going to be my lazy week *aren't they all lazy?*

In 2 weeks Liv starts World Citizen Dance Class so that will be radness.

Peace Out!!