Monday, August 22, 2011

NELA Art Walk *this time with pictures*

So I must share with you something that blew my mind. 2 Saturdays ago we walked to the Highland Park Art Walk *only 2 blocks from our house* and I was shocked to find so many art galleries on York. We went to at least 8 on one block and there was an upstairs loft over the stores that we didn't even know existed. I cannot believe there is something cool about Highland Park after living here for 5 years. We met a ton of awesome folks and of course, Liv received dozens of compliments about her wings. I even passed out my new Etsy cards Antz made me. *I made 2 sales this week!!*

Fancy pants biz card
The walk was super fun, I hate to admit it but Highland Park is kinda cool *however my heart still belongs to Atwater Village*. Antz is all stoked about how hipster-ery the hood is becoming.

Every month we see a group of about 100 people on bikes at night, it turns out to be a biking tour that meet up for night events like the art walk. We are going to join in October when we finally get a trailer for Liv.

Hooray for crappy blurry photos!
I have never seen so many people on my street, it was packed!

We discovered this fucking rad vintage record shop *how is it I've never seen it before?*

I almost peed my pants when I saw the macrame in this store, Matters of Space. We met the owner *who is fucking rad* and she told me how she bought the fabric for her macrame from a dude in Tokyo. I told her about the class I took and she is going to try to find some cord for me.

I love her necklaces but they cost a million dollars

Liv played at the coffee shop on the corner, Cafe de Leche

There was a huge building on the corner we always thought was empty, to our surprise it's an art gallery/huge warehouse full of crazy art. Sculptures, furniture and taxidermy, it was pretty awesome.

Those sculptures were made out of buttons

The chaise you are looking at was made entirely out of the tabs from soda cans... it was bananas!

You had me at Taxidermy!!

This jewelry was made out of silver flatware

We drove over to Eagle Rock to my favorite store Leanna Lin's Wonderland. They always have the most incredible artwork *I wanna buy it all*

I wanna make one of these pendant banners for a cake so bad!

there was a mobile photo booth that we took these at

It was a little truck and you walk up a ramp in the back and there's a curtain and you take your photos *sorry I tried to take pictures of the truck but they came out too dark* I am definitely hiring the booth for one of Liv's birthday. I would also love to hire this adorable band that was playing in front of the warehouse. I need to look them up on itunes, they sound like a Parisian Tom Waits, really fucking rad!

The art walk happens every second Saturday of the month. I want to take my Mom but next month is Carlos & Steph's wedding *can't believe it's almost here, remind me to not get stagefright* Speaking of my Mom, after close to 40 years in the music industry, she finally has her very own Wikipedia page. I am trying to work on adding her photos but I have no idea how to do it *I suck about programming html*

My Mom is mega awesome!!

She's so cute!

My Mom played on the Rocky soundtrack...dun, dun-dun, dun, dun dun-dun dun dun duuuunn!

Mommy & Stevie

My Mommy began her career in Motown *Detroit* so she played with pretty much every single Motown band there was. I wish she didn't write on her photos, now I'm helping her restore most of them.

Now do you see where I get my hamming it up for the camera from?

Bobbye toured the world with Bob Dylan for 2 years right after I was born. This is a pretty awesome photo of them on a train in Japan.

My Mom hired me as her make up artist when she appeared on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson with Dwight Yoakam. He begged her to go on tour with him but she wanted to stay home since I was preggers.

I don't remember which band she was playing with but this was for a TV show in the 60s. LOVE her bouffant!!

This is her playing with her current band, she's retired but she does perform every once in a while.

Yep, my Mommy is a superstar!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I miss blogging, whaah!

I have so much going on that I want to post but my computer is still wonky and I am trying to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to buy my new Mac Air. You may think I am saddington without my laptop but check out my anniversary gift...

Lovely Antz bought me my very own ipad deux!! YAY!! Just what I wanted.

We have been violently happily married for 9 years

It took me forever to upload these 3 pics so I won't even attempt to upload the awesome NELA art walk *which rocked* or our fun time at Peekaboo Playhouse last Friday. I will update my Summer Fun List before I log off my computer crashes.

1. BEACH DAYS!! and get a sweet tan *Done*
2. Take Olivia to at least one summer outdoor concert Hollywood Bowl Classic Nights *Done*
3. Use Liv's blow up pool in the backyard *Done*
4. Engage in a water balloon fight *Done* Our 11 year old nephew, Justin had a water balloon fight at his birthday party

5. Sleep in the hammock
6. Make homemade peach cobbler  *I made grilled peaches in brandy sauce with Story so far*
7. Add 10 new farmers markets to my list *#27*
8. Take Olivia to a petting zoo *Done*
9. Host a Games Night/Playdate
10. 4th of July BBQ *Done*
11. Take a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal sanctuary*
12. Co-host Aimee's Housewarming party *Done*
13. See the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA *Done*
14. Go bike riding *and finally make up my mind on a trailer for Liv*
15. Finish at least 3 of my Book Club list *Bonus points if I read in the hammock*

Today Liv had a playdate with her BFF Charlotte. They were SO sweet!! Liv fed veggie chips to Lotte and they had a blast playing together.

Olivia's Playland

Cobb!!! I need the adorable pictures you took.

So I know I have a list of books to be read but I bought a book on itunes for my ipad that was RAD!!

It's a graphic novel written by Lucy Knisley *my new favorite author* I literally read it in a half an hour. It's about her trip to Paris with her Mom and it's really cute. Makes me want to book a flight today. I'll be patient, if I wait until Liv is 4, I'll be on track to saving for our new house.

XOXO, Sorry for being so lame and not posting daily. I'll try to at least check in weekly until I get the new laptop. Toodles Lovelies!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm back from the DEAD!!

And apparently so is my laptop. It has been working since yesterday *only 7 crashes* but I am still this close to getting a Mac Air *yep, crossing over to the dark Apple side* Speaking of Apple, did you know they have more money than the United States government? I say we become the United States of Apple and everyone will be receive a government issued ipad 2 in exchange for their first born male... lucky me!

Antz has been allowing me to borrow his ipad and let me say, it's AWESOME!! I wannit. Today is exactly one month countdown to Carlos & Stephanie's wedding. I cannot express how excited I am about this day. Not only from me officiating the ceremony standpoint, but these two have been together FOREVER, like a year less than me and Antz so their marriage has been highly anticipated. I went dress shopping yesterday and I found a gray dress *crossing my fingers it's the right shade of gray* that was affordable yet had a few issues that the cleaners is hopefully resolving.

It's ridiculous how when you are looking for something specific, you never seem to find it yet when you aren't looking it's everywhere. In my case it's light gray platform pumps.

Ideally, these Michael Kors platform pumps but stupid Nordstrom is sold out of my size. I'm positive I saw them at Aldo but there was nothing in gray at any of the stores I went to. Boo!

Gunmetal and metallics are currently in season so of course, I will be searching for my shoes probably until the day of the wedding. I want this style in gray *if anyone has seem them, please let me know*

Antz seems to think adding 5 inches to my 5'10 frame may be a bad idea. I also have to find a lavender hair accessory or corsage. I am loving this ostrich pouf from but they don't have it in lavender.

Then I saw this lovely at BHLDN and fell in love.

Now obviously I know these are shoe clips but they are multifunctional and I would totally wear them in my hair. Only $120!! I checked Etsy and there's less expensive options but I need to get the lavender swatch from Stephanie this Saturday to get the right color. Antz needs to find either a gray or lavender tie too. Now I'm off to Fresh & Easy but before I go, check out who finally decided to play with her ball tent.

Snoochie Boochies Lovelies!!