Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Halloween Goodness

Antz won best costume at his job three times!! Way to go Jake the Dog!

Godmommy Leslie
Mia and lovely Kaia
I had a duet with Adele
Cutest B-mo ever!

We had yummy Chipotle for dinner. Everything was $2 if you came in costume. We submitted this photo of us and the managers for their Boorito costume contest, vote here!
Terry & Morgan asked us to join them trick or treating on Hill Drive in Eagle Rock. It started out as a quiet, calm evening but by nightfall, there must have been 5,000 people on that street. Every other house had decorations and tons of candy. Liv over filled her pumpkin bucket, we had to stop trick or treating. I love their awesome handmade Ghostbusters costumes!!

Kieran is adorable as Slimer!
Antz holding his prize loot
This house wins for creepiest mannequin.

American Horror Story: Asylum *I watched the first season, mixed reviews, it's interesting enough to watch but the plot is over twisted and the characters are morons. Jessica Lange saves that show*

Thanks for the religious pamplets...said no kid ever!

I was so stoked to see other Adventure Time costumes. Liv wanted this Cake doll *looks like I'll be making one for her soon*
Fionna, Cake and Beemo
Our costumes were quite popular, we posed for photos with a bunch of people.

We had a lumpin' awesome Halloween!! I'm exhausted but excited about Liv's French school presentation this Saturday.

Happy Happy Halloween 2012

Trunk or Treat was rad! We were the second car to arrive at Liv's school at 8 am. Antz decorated my trunk and everyone loved it!! At first Liv didn't want to wear her costume but a quick candy bribe got it on pronto.

My animated candy bowl was a hit. Half the kids loved it and the other half were terrified of it!

I really liked this kid's Aquabats costume

Olivia's most incredible teacher!

The owner/director of Liv's school. She's lumpin' awesome!

More photos to come...Happy Halloween Boils & Ghouls!