Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Rotten Apple

So last night Antz *along with everyone I know* had enough of me grumbling, complaining and whining about being computerless. Even though I went to Best Mediocre Buy on Black Friday and the Mac I wanted wasn't on sale we went back on Cyber Monday and bought it. I've purchased cars in less time than this laptop. They couldn't locate any Microsoft Office 2011 in stock so I have to go back on Thursday *they are giving me a special price* and I was talked into buying this guy since I tend to fill up memory with my billions of photos. I passed on the Apple TV for a few reasons; we already stream Netflix on our Wii, we doubt we would use it for the other features and I am over buying accessories I never end up using. I didn't get the price I wanted but I do have 45 days to get a price adjustment *fingers crossed it will go down to the $1099 price*. So after 2 hours I came home with my new friend

The last time I owned a Mac was in 1998!!!

You would think I would be playing with my new toy but to be honest, I am afraid to even open the boxes. How can I put this...? I am a klutz when it comes to electronics. As someone who has gone through 3 iPhones this year, I can't explain my bad luck. I am so worried about breaking it or Olivia dropping my new wireless mouse. I bought the "black tie" accidental *klutz-proof* warranty but I know they will find a way to cost me more money. I have so many files to transfer, I'll need to find a bebesitter for Liv once I get started. So this may be my last post from a PC. I'm crossing over to the Mac side. Hopefully Antz will follow but he is pretty much the Mayor of PC-land.

Let's catch up shall we?

So is everyone feeling 5 pounds heavier? All those leftovers are pretty much picked clean? Still wishing there was just one more slice of pumpkin pie left? Good, let's all toast *raises a cup of Alka Seltzer* to an awesome Thanksgiving. I had a fabulous time with the family. We played games, ate, tried our best to keep Olivia from putting her hands in the cake *fail* and ate again, a little too much.

Grandma & Liv *she refused to take off her coat*
I'm sorta bummed you can't see my pretty headband...I'll take a better pic of it later
I am super thankful for these guys
Sis Clinnie, she is training and has decided to become the Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Antz made Deviled eggy weggys. I bought this egg caddy from Anthro exactly one week before it went one sale, D'OH!!
Muno was totally ready to eat

Antz finally got her out of her coat

Don't be fooled folks, this kid can EAT!!

I attempted to take photos of everyone holding my ipad *since I forgot my chalkboard sign at home like a dope* so I can try to make this awesome book for Liv but my camera is a son of a bitch and people ended up looking too mugshot-ish so I may have to retake most of them. The only one I liked was of Antz sister, Clinnie *who looks amazing* but you can see how terrible the lighting is.

We were all so stuffed to remember to take a group photo. Later we stopped by Story & Chris's to say hi and popped into bed super early *since I had to wake up at 3am for Black Friday*

Rad Thanksgiving!! Next year I'll have to make a dish to share because for the first time Antz Mom ran out of food. However we did stock on yummy desserts!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday

So far, so awesome. I did my Anthropologie shopping online at 3am but I decided to venture out into Crazyland this morning. I really wanted the Dotty Little Frock for Liv so I went to the Americana at 7am. It wasn't so bad. About half the store were open. I saw people lining up for some stores that were opening at 8am. Anthro was pretty packed, I was worried all the kids clothes were gone but there were a few pieces left.

Dotty Little Frock

Flitter And Flutter Dress    
I was going to get them both but I noticed the Flitter dress had a snag in the thread that went all the way through the shoulder. I couldn't lose my place in the 30 minute line that wrapped around the store so I only got the Dotty Frock. I considered getting these ballet flats but I wasn't in love with the color and they felt a little tight.

Trinket Flat

For a second, I almost bought this guy

Sudsy Glass Strand
Wow, I was rocking a Bitch Please face but I was super sleepy. I literally had to tell myself no shopping for me! However, I entered a raffle they are holding this afternoon so fingers crossed I win a gift certificate. I browsed a few other stores *Urban and Sephora* but didn't see anything worth the long lines.

Since I was out so early I went to Best Buy *not as apocalyptic as I expected* to see if the in-store price was better than their online prices. Big fat NO!! Last week I checked the Mac Air I want and it was on sale for $1,099.99. I didn't buy it then because I was pretty certain the Black Friday price would be lower. This morning when I checked online it was $1,234.99. Umm, lame! In store guess how much...? $1,234.99! No thanks. I'll wait until Cyber Monday and see if they come to their senses. The good news is they are available in store so I can order online and pick everything up the same day. The only things on sale were the Apple TV *a huge $10 off* and I'm not sure I'll even need it. They did have ipad stylus pens for $4.99 and due to Livzilla chewing off the tips of both of our stylus pens, I picked up a new one. I'll replace Antz Bamboo stylus when I get my reward certificates for buying my Mac. The Apple store is also having a sale but Best Buy has their prices beat and I like their Geek Squad warranty better than Applecare *those dudes at the Genuis bar behave like Douchebags*. I'm still waiting to get the rug, owl lamp, pillows and Liv's Amazon and Ikea stuff on Monday. We are lazing around the house today.

I did get inspired waiting in line at Anthro when I saw this garland *for $38 bucks*

so I whipped together this guy using leftover felt scraps.

Hopefully we'll take our Christmas card photo this weekend. Antz is still on the hunt for our side table. We may go to the new Hollywood West Elm this weekend to see if the Owl lamp is on sale.

Happy Turkey Leftovers!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Mayhem

I try my best to not get wrapped up with the crazies who camp out in Walmart's parking lot a week before just to get a shitty non-brand name flat screen tv or the one Wii/Xbox/Playstation for $1. However, Anthropologie seems to be making getting up early worth my while.

Dotty Little Frock

Love Letter Dress

Love Letter Bloomers
Malted Tweed Cardigan

Patterns Please Sweatercoat

Tussie-Mussie Skirt

Velvet Snowflakes Boots

I'll be happy to get the sweatercoat, skirt, cardigan and the boots which are all 50% off. I'm getting everything in 5/6 so she can wear them to nursery school next year. I'm still waivering from going to the store or shopping online at 3am *since the sale begins on East Coast time* I also want to go to Best Buy which will be complete insanity and West Elm *need this lamp to go on sale*. Whew!! Shopping is wearing me out. OMG... Did I actually say that?         

Happy Turkey Day Y'all!!


So I woke up at 3am *which is 6am East Coast time* and I refreshed my Anthropologie cart totally expecting everything to be sold out. To my delight only 2 items were sold out and I did better than I expected. I got 6 pieces for less than the regular price of 1!!

The Love Letter bloomers and the Dotty Little Frock were sold out completely but I'm hoping we can swing by Anthro some time this weekend and I may still find the Dotty Frock. The Love dress and bloomers were online only. SUPER HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

First Thanksgiving dinner down, 2 to go!

Every year my Mom has an early Thanksgiving dinner at her house a week before the chaos of the holidays. This year the menu was seafood. Oh boy!!

King crab and crawfish!! Lemons courtesy of our backyard

I was in charge of desserts. My Mom requested a fruit tart

I finally made these red velvet brownies. I thought I took a photo of them but I guess I forgot but they were deee-lish. It was so cold in Apple Valley, it almost snowed. We went to Target since we wanted new frames for this amazing photo of Liv

photo by Grammy

I checked out the mini Harajuku for Target kids line and I was not impressed at all. The clothes look cheap and the style is totally Hot Topic. I also wasn't pleased that most of the stuff was for older kids, nothing in Liv's size. Not very innovative, Gwen. Her son dresses really cute though, he's the best dressed celeb kid for sure.

Kingston *super cutie*

Soooo, Thursday I went shopping with *super skinny* Aimee

 Our little Zsa Zsa!!

 Get comfy Liv. This bedding was heavenly

and look what followed us home!!

Dutch Wax Ottoman
I didn't necessarily plan to buy this lovely ottoman/stool but it was marked down from $198 to $99! I have been wanting a nice chair to put in the bedroom but nothing fits in this incredibly tiny space. Just perfect for putting on our shoes and I'll finally have somewhere to sit when I put on my makeup!! I also bought this pretty frame from Paper Source because that store rocks my socks and I need something for new artwork.

Antz thinks it too Indian-ish looking

I found the Pavo bedding but the shams were sold out. *sads* I called a bunch of Anthros and found one standard sham and one euro sham. I picked them up today and they ordered a set of standard shams to be shipped to our house. *yay* Then I saw this guy...

Josef Wingback Chair, Blue Zigzag

One day you shall be mine!!

Again, this lamp is tempting me

One Lump or Two Lamp Base
Liv's newest addition to her Yo Gabba Gabba! menagerie

Yep, that's her pink Blackberry
So I am happy with my purchases for the bedroom yet we are still trying to find the perfect rug and I'm waiting for Black Friday to finish shopping. Antz is still searching for the perfect side table but I have a feeling we may end up getting this guy from Urban

Lola Side Table

I am apprehensive about it since it has a 8 - 10 week shipping schedule and it didn't get the highest reviews. I am in love with the color and it meets our measurements.

I totally forgot to post these photos from Nic's bowling birthday party. I haven't bowled for a few years so I started off pretty sucky but the food was yum and I had a blast hanging with my peeps. We are a wild bunch.

NERDS! *red eye much?*
I can't believe it myself but I threw the ball backwards between my legs and I totally got a strike!!


I hope I can get everything remaining on my list on sale. I'm also buying Liv's Christmas presents on Cyber Monday *mostly from Amazon* and maybe I'll get my long-awaited Mac Air.

I need to get to work. I sold my very first pair of wings and I want to make another set for Liv *since she's outgrown her old ones*

Can I please ask Santa to bring me these amazing Dude/Chick vases??