Friday, November 30, 2012

Neiman Marcus for Target Holiday Gifts

This is the biggest designer collaboration with Target ever. 24 designers are releasing 50 holiday gifts for the wallet-impaired folks such as myself.

Neiman Marcus Target Collection
The gang
Items are scheduled to arrive tomorrow but you know Target. The price point is $7.99 for Rodarte wrapping paper to $99.99 Marchesa dresses for girls. There are too many goodies to list them all but these are on my wishlist.

I am excited about this!  First Look! Check Out the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection
I need that Marc Jacobs pouch in gold and that Derek Lam skateboard for Liv...
Pretty on pedals: the Alice + Oliva Bike from the limited‐time Neiman Marcus + Target collection. #Holiday24
Alice + Olivia bicycle *okay, I don't need a new bike but it's adorable*

A gift packed with style—Alice + Olivia Luggage. From the exclusive Neiman Marcus + Target collection. #Holiday24
Alice + Olivia luggage *so perfect for our trip to Paris*
Beyond sweet, the Marchesa Girls' Beaded Dress in the Neiman Marcus + Target collection #Holiday24
Marchesa gown *so pretty for Liv to wear for our holiday card*

For little girls who like to twirl: Jason Wu Girls' Printed Dress in the Neiman Marcus + Target collection. #Holiday24
These pretty Jason Wu dresses are much for sensible
Crimson curtsy cuteness: Jason Wu Girls' Solid Dress from the Neiman Marcus + Target collection. #Holiday24
...and the $59 price is in my budget
Almost too pretty to carry your lunch, the Tory Burch Lunch Bag, from the Neiman Marcus + Target collection. #Holiday24
Tory Burch lunch box *Liv's Keroppi lunch bag is looking pretty tattered now*
Fifi and Fido can dine in style with this Oscar de la Renta Pet Bowl in the Neiman Marcus + Target collection #Holiday24
Okay, so we don't have a, but we plan on getting one  in the future and they are going to need a bowl. Who can say their dog has an Oscar de la Renta water bowl?
Brian Atwood for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Leather Gloves
These Brian Atwood leather studded gloves are more Aimee-style than me. I'm disappointed he didn't included any of his signature pumps in this collection.
Brian Atwood Suede Platform Pumps
Of course I wouldn't be able to walk 3 steps in heels this high but every woman has a shoe fantasy and this man makes the most gorgeous shoes

I'm going to Target tomorrow just to browse and see what kind of madness ensues. I wish I can say I'll be loading up my cart but I'm just about done with my holiday shopping. I've got two kitchens to plan *ours and Liv's* and I know when to quit while I'm ahead. Besides, I have this lovely gift to stare at. 

Happy Weekend!

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Oh, the world is full of lovely things, don't you agree?

kate spade new york 'arm candy' leather pouch available at #Nordstrom
kate spade new york 'arm candy' leather pouch *Drool, I want candy!*
M·A·C 'Sinfully Chic' Face Kit *my makeup collection is lacking nude tones*

Rae Dunn by Magenta Small Fruit Colander
Rae Dunn by Magenta Small Fruit Colander

Non-traditional rainboots to stay dry in style
Tory Burch Fox Lace Up Rainboot *boo, these adorable guys are sold out*

A new pretty headband for Liv and a statement necklace that I patiently waited to go on sale
Gloves for the cold weather
Printed canvas oxfords
Still on the hunt for the perfect pair of oxfords *I cannot resist these dots*
Deena & Ozzy Metallic Loafer I just bought these guys on sale....I love gold!!!
Deena & Ozzy Metallic Loafer *20 in store, $30 online* GOLD!
Winning Misha Lulu/Lili giveaways rule
Thanks so much Karen, we are huge Misha Lulu fans!

Some sale scores are too awesome to keep secret. I saw a post by Kate Spade on facebook late night last Monday *it really does pay to follow your fave designers on fb* about their site having technical difficulties due to the huge cyber-Monday sale. I was intrigued but had no intention to buy anything but when I saw the very first item on the home page, my jaw hit the floor. Back in August I was hunting everywhere for this sold out bag. Ebay had a bunch but they were selling for $350 and they looked like fakes. I even emailed customer support to ask if any stores might have them in stock or had any returns. They pretty much told me, "Sorry sweetie, you snooze, you lose." So when our anniversary came around, I didn't get the gift I'd hoped for *although the amazing pop up dinner and a surprise trip to Disneyland definitely made up for it* Not only was it the infamous Eat Cake for Breakfast bag but it was on super cyber sale marked down from the original $248 price tag. Say Whaaa?

kate spade new york 'call to action - terry' tote
I'm so freaking excited to get this guy *it's supposed to arrive tomorrow evening*. It is an iconic bag and so minimalistic. It's big enough to carry all my junk and I got it on S A L E!! High five to me. There are some new versions of it available on the Kate Spade website but if you ask me, they aren't as cute.

And I know cute when I see it...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I want my PINK Christmas!

Every year I tell Antz this will be the year I am getting my dream pink Christmas tree.

This was from a photo shoot in Blueprint magazine *which sadly is no longer in print*
@Jessica Godinho Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree, Pretty in Pink Christmas Trees - Treetopia
I tell him I'll buy it either on Black Friday or after Christmas when it's on clearance. Yet, I seem to talk myself out of it when I start to think about the big picture. We hope to sell this house and buy a new bigger house that will accommodate a six foot tree. Then there's the price tag. The six foot tree comes with 500 lights is regularly priced $438. Insane, I know, which is why the clearance price of $168 seems so reasonable, right? I usually spend $15 on a cute Charlie Brown sized tree from Fresh & Easy. It's tiny enough to sit on our congas and we have just enough ornaments to give it some charm. It's a nice compliment to my Grandma's porcelain tree *that still plays Silent Night*

Last Christmas
This is the only heirloom I have from my Grandma Louise
I check every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the lowest it's ever gotten is $148. Then I have to add $58 for a tree stand with wheels. I'd have to invest in a Christmas tree bag to keep it stored in the garage, that's another $59. I haven't even started a budget for ornaments. Anthro is killing me with these beauties...

Cast of Characters from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

Odette Swan
Odette Swan
Hopefully these guys will go on sale after Christmas but I'm certain they will be gone by then. So this is my annual dilemma; Break my holiday shopping budget on my dream tree which will barely fit in our current house. Or wait until we buy our new house and go all out for our first Christmas and face the risk the most of these items will be sold out in 3 years. That swan ornament reminds me of my lovely Björk. I'm sure she would tell me to buy it in her sweet little Icelandic elfy voice. Have you lovelies trimmed the Christmas tree yet? Do you buy a fresh cut tree or you have an artificial tree you've had for years? My reasoning tells me it's a lifetime investment but knowing how often I change my mind, I just may want to get this awesome guy next year.

upside down christmas tree
Bottom's Upside-Down Christmas Tree
Antz says it looks blasphemous. Genevieve Gorder had one that hung from her ceiling and it looked so rad! I have to find the episode of Dear Genevieve that I saw it on.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Brand new Kitchen!

Antz and I have been talking about our kitchen renovation we're planning this spring and yesterday we asked a realtor to come over to give us a professional assessment. He told us it only makes sense that we replace the cabinets with new Ikea ones. The price is about $2000 but our 89 year old cabinets will look horrible, even with a new paint job and fancy new handles and knobs. I've been checking out the catalog and we are thinking of going with the Akurum/Applad series.

Ikea Akurum white cabinets, tiny space,  farmhouse sink
Here's an example of the cabinets from Pinterest
This is similar to our layout with an L-Shape. I want an apron front double sink and a dishwasher. I keep going back and forth between wanting to stay on a under $6,000 budget and wanting a really nice kitchen for more. We're gonna bite the bullet and pay Ikea to install them since, A. our house is so darn crooked it would be impossible for us to figure out how to install them properly and B. we are handy but not that handy. I feel more comfortable doing the subway tile backsplash and painting ourselves.

I'm hoping we end up with a kitchen pretty close to this one.

There is so much to love about this kitchen

I'm increasing our budget to $8,000 but for a brand new kitchen, having our plumbing repaired and getting the floors refinished, that's a bargain. Speaking of bargains, I found the steal of century online tonight but it's a Christmas gift so I'll share it next month. Since we are getting a new kitchen, I thought Liv would like one too. We're buying her a mini kitchen set but I plan to add a personal crafty touch. I am still waiting for the Melissa & Doug food sets to go on sale on Amazon but so far the price has only increased and decreased by a few dollars. 

We had such a fun weekend. We caught up with family and friends and ate so much.

Bleu & Bacon burger and sweet potato fries from lunch at Granville Cafe
We've been so busy we never had a chance to watch Moonrise Kingdom but Liv did watch Cinderella. She liked it, particularly the mice. I have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from Netflix but I heard it's pretty lame. Thank goodness next week isn't super booked. Antz is taking Friday off so we can have a consultation at Ikea about the kitchen and we can get started on Liv's kitchen. Oh! Antz put up the Holiday decorations in the house this morning. We'll put up the outdoor decorations next weekend.

My Grandma's 65 year old Porcelain Christmas tree is holding up well.
Have you started holiday shopping and decorating yet? Here's how the bedding looks, I love it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Stuffed Turkey

We just finished the last of our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and I am stuffed. We usually go to Antz Mom's house for dinner but this year his brother Charles hosted the huge family.

My sister and nephew

Olivia had the best time running after her older cousins and eating sweet potatoes. I even made jalapeno cornbread muffins. Once again I totally forgot to capture the lovely meal but that usually means I'm too focused on eating to remember to grab my camera. I did get a family photo and my camera remote actually worked this time even though I had to run into the shot about 5 times. Huzzah!

Antz has promised to center it, and zoom in so you can actually see all our lovely faces
Anthropologie bummed me out this year since they aren't carrying children's clothes and instead of the Black Friday 50% off, they are only offering 25%. Old Navy surprised me with this gem. I snagged the last one in stock online.

Softest Printed-Crew Sweaters   Just bought this guy tonight!!
It's sold out now
I did score some home goodies from Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I wasn't planning on going to the store but since I saw everything I wanted was in stock and they were offering 20% off your entire purchase, I took the trip. It was surprisingly calm in the store. No one was fighting over towels and I didn't arrive to a shop that looked like it had been looted after an apocalypse. I browsed the bedding section

I love this Kate Spade pillow
The sale is in-store only
...and found the complete Orla Kiely set I've been wanting for months on clearance, along with the 20% coupon, I saved $100 off the set. I'm short one sham pillowcase but that's what happens when you have 3 standard pillows and pillowcases are sold in a set of 2.

I am the only person with a phobia about putting new bedding on the bed?
I couldn't be happier and to my delightful surprise Antz brings me a package from Amazon. I completely forgot I pre-ordered Moonrise Kingdom and Cinderella last month. Liv hasn't seen Cinderella and Antz hasn't seen Moonrise Kingdom so we'll watch them over the weekend.

Doesn't today feel like a Sunday? What a rad holiday we've had so far. I think I'll pick up a pumpkin pie since we finished our leftovers. We're just chillin'!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 I am grateful for my lovely life!!!

Just brilliant!

Wes Anderson // From Above

Sounds of Aronofsky

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

Tarantino // From Below

I am blown away by the talent of these four incredible directors.

Sexy Old Men

Well, they used to be sexy....enjoy!

Steve McQueen

Vincent Price
Vincent Price

Paul Newman

Young Paul Newman

He was so damn hot he gets two!
Paul Newman

Larry King
Larry King

Gregory Peck
Gregory Peck

Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis

Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchum.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant

Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Desi Arnaz
Desi Arnaz

Richard Burton
Richard Burton

Montgomery Clift
Montgomery Clift - another one who died too young!

Marlon Brando

James Dean
James Dean