Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The OC what a bummer

We spent all of Sunday in Orange County. Besides Balboa Island and Disneyland, the OC is not my favorite place to be. I don't know what it is about that place but it rubs me the wrong way. It's a weird unexplainable vibe but I don't know why I give that place such a bad rep, it has one of the best malls in California, The South Coast Plaza. I haven't been there in ten years *I bought my wedding dress from there* As you know a few weeks ago I ordered our cabinet knobs, a new light fixture and the drawer pulls from Pottery Barn online. Lo and behold I received the package but no drawer pulls. I checked my order status and it says in process. I waited a week later and I noticed the amount for the pulls were credited to my bank account. Okay, that's strange I checked my emails and saw nothing from PB. I go to the site and discover my order status went from being in stock, to in process and now it says backordered until 7/16/2013!! Now I have high expectations from a store like Pottery Barn but to not send me an email to notify me that an item I already purchased 3 weeks ago was on backorder, that seems shady. I called customer service and they gave me a spiel about there being thousands of orders everyday and they don't have time to notify the customer. Well, I'm fully expecting some kind of discount for my trouble and they would send me the pulls immediately but she gave me a big fat "We're sorry" and she tells me I can go to the Costa Mesa store and buy them there. Ummm, okay PB that's totally uncool of you. So I got dissed really hard by them I had to drive all the way to the South Coast Plaza even though there are like 30 Pottery Barns near me. Lucky for them, I had to go out there to pick up a few things from West Elm anyway. I picked up Antz Mom to join us and we made a day of it. I got to the store and almost had a heart attack when I looked for the pulls and there weren't any. Fortunately, they found some in the back but then I opened one to make sure it was the right color to find the screws were missing. Sheesh, Pottery Barn, get your shit together! You totally left a sour taste in my mouth after years of being a loyal customer.

We then went to West Elm and found everything I needed. That place rocks! Most of the items were on sale online but they match the price in store too and a few items were on sale that I didn't expect to be. I saved so much I picked up an extra goody for the kitchen.

New things makes me happy happy

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe which is a totally cheesy, touristy place but Liv loved it. There was a guy making balloon animals and this dude was like the Lord of Balloons. I asked him if he majored in balloon making in college because there was nothing he couldn't make. He told me his trade secret, it's all in the quality of the balloons. He made Ariel The Little mermaid, Spiderman, the Sistine Chapel...he was fascinating to watch in action.

It was very difficult to get her to eat with so many animal distractions
Lord of the balloons
Princess Bratface
How cute is my hubby and his Mommy?


Queen Bratface
We drove down to Laguna Beach but it was too chilly to walk on the beach. It was a nice trip but I'll stay up north where I belong. So a week has been added to our timeline but I'm so happy with the progress. If anyone is looking for a contractor or handyman, email me. Pottery Barn...you really need to improve your customer service because I'm not a happy camper!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A - Z of Elizabeth

This is what happens when SNL is a re-run.

A. Age: trente-six
B. Bed size: queen, which is ridiculous for humans of our stature
C. Chore that you hate: used to be washing dishes before we got our plumbing fixed, now it's cleaning the toilet, cleaning the litterbox and cleaning Liv's potty - anything poop related.
D. Dogs: none at the moment, when Liv turns 5 or 6, we'll look into adopting. *I want a pug, Antz wants a bulldog
E. Essential start to your day: pee, brush my teeths, saying good morning to Liv in French, and turning off our house alarm system
F. Favorite color: green, pink and turquoise
G. Gold or Silver: either but lately I LOVE GOLD!!

H. Height: five foot ten *I'm a giant*
I. Instruments you play: merely for fun, I play a little piany and a mean kazoo
J. Job title: Liv's unpaid nanny and former hair stylist
K. Kids: Light of my life, Olivia Lily

L. Live: Hipster Highland Park, California
M. Mother’s name: Bobbye Jean
N. Nicknames: Liz *which I find to be boring* Aimee calls me Lizzie, my Mom has called me Bethye since I was born. Antz and I have a secret nickname for each other.
O. Overnight hospital stays:  Luckily only 2 nights when I gave birth to our daughter
P. Pet peeves: The phrase "At the end of the day," when people leave the light on in rooms they aren't using, Vaguebookers, panhandlers in Los Angeles, how annoyingly poor my grammar is
Q. Quote from a movie: "Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating." Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and "Oh, please, tell me, Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck?" Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko
R. Right or left handed: Righty tighty!
S. Siblings: none!!
T. Tattoos: none, but maybe when I turn 69?
U. Underwear: I'mma keep it real, I don't wear thongs unless it's necessary, I adore my girl shorts in black. Totally comfy and never gives me wedgies!!
V. Vegetable you hate: ALL OF THEM!! I particularly loathe raw onions
W. What makes you run late: procrastination, hair snafus and constantly having to run back upstairs to grab something I forgot
X. X-Rays you’ve had: recently I had my back x-rayed. Is that the proper past tense for x-ray?
Y. Yummy food that you make: spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and a mean grilled cheese sandwich. When our new kitchen is finished, I vow to cook more often *and plan to take a cooking class*
Z. Zoo animal: Polar bears make me extreme happy. I also could watch elephants forever

I found this post on Our City Lights. Diana has much more interesting answers. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our new kitchen floors!

Beautiful is an understatement. The crew was here at 8 am this morning and by 2pm, we had brand new kitchen floors. The house is full of the sweet smell of fresh wood and I'm finding it surreal walking into our kitchen without the familiar sounds of old floorboards creaking.

The floors looked like this on Friday

 All done!!

They are so pretty I want to breakdance on them!
Liv says "Mom, I like your new floors!"
Antz and I are even contemplating leaving them this natural color. Rene *our rad contractor* said it would be harder to maintain and we already chose a dark stain. I do want a distressed finish, so we may take a hammer to them. We'll see.
These are our old *literally 90 years* drain pipes
This little hole is not where you will find Alice and the white rabbit but this...
The new drain pipes that no longer back up in the bathtub when we do laundry and allows us to flush the toilet, do laundry and turn on all the sinks at once without any change in pressure!!
Sadly, this will most likely be the last update I share until the kitchen is finished. I want it to be a grand reveal and I am terrible at keeping secrets. I may leak a few photos on my Instagram.

This is how I'm feeling at the moment!

Oh, this man's voice gives me shivers!!

My Favorite Things: Mothers Day Gift Edition

In the middle of the kitchen remodel, *our new floors are being installed as I write this!!* May is approaching faster than I'd like, mostly because I am swamped with things to prepare for my busiest month of the year, June *Liv's birthday, my BFF's son Holden's high school graduation, Poppa's day, Liv's summer break & Antz birthday, whew!*

Luckily, May is a nice, long month and I will soon have a beautiful new kitchen to play with. Since Mother's day is a nice day to receive gifts from my lovelies, why not nudge them in the right direction.

All mom wanted for Mother's day was to be shit balls drunk ecard - funny ecards

I couldn't think of a more appropriate gift for our new kitchen! Sadly it's sold out but I emailed the guy who makes them to see if he can make me one.

Hello Lionel Richie Ritchie  Is it Tea Teapot Tea For One
Hello Lionel Richie Ritchie Is it Tea Teapot Tea For One
My favorite pair of pink slip on Vans are on their last leg.

My beloved Pink Vans in happy times
Since I can't find the slip ons in pink in my size anywhere *keep your eye out for a size ten for me!* I could replace them with these. I prefer the convenience of non laces but these are still cute.
Vans Authentic Sneaker
 I also like these. Classic!
Puma Womens Glyde Lo Shoe
I've always been a big fan of Volkswagens *I have owned a Convertible Rabbit, two new Beetles, a Jetta and my current car is a Tiguan* I think everyone has fantasized about owning a rad VW Bus and road tripping along the coast. The colors are so cool and those curtains are adorable. I never understood why VW couldn't modernize the interior features but keep the same body as the ones from the 60s? Well, since a bus isn't logical for us, I would sure love this guy as a cute substitute! You can even create the inside too.
LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van
My laptop case doesn't function as well as I need it too *hint, need room for my plug, iphone cord and other laptop related junk*
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Pretty Nylon - Computer Commuter Bag
This bag has a strap and goes so well with my new snazzy ipad case I got on super sale from Nordstrom. I'm sensing a pink theme here.

I have been wanting a record player for years now. I am glad I didn't get one yet because this guy is so pretty and is exclusively at Urban Outfitters
AV Room Portable USB Turntable By Crosley
Well, I need to have a few records to play on it, right? Here are some I hope to find at one of Highland Park's local record stores.

Björk Debut
Tom Waits Rain Dogs
Paris Combo Attraction
Lana Del Rey Born to Die
Joanna Newsom The Milk-Eyed Mender

This pouch is super sweet. Plus it reminds me of my favorite MJ cover by Nite Jewel.

Rebecca Minkoff Cory Sayings Pouch "Pyt"

Mother's Day isn't complete without a homemade breakfast, a card and some jool-ree!! 
This is lovely without breaking the bank but sadly sold out. My Eat Cake for Breakfast bag 
was sold out for years and I still got it, so you never know.
kate spade | things we love charm bracelet
Mommy's Day is two weeks away, any items you have your eyes on?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just a few hiccups

I am starting to believe there is no such thing as an easy peasy remodel. I am totally happy with the work, the mere speed and the compromise of our contractor, Rene. However, we have to pay an additional $400 for the wall patching/painting. To be fair, our walls feel like they have braille written on them and are as crooked as a dog's hind leg so it's a big job to make them appear straight.

Doesn't it seem that most kitchens have a pastel wall color?
Smooth as butter!

Guess who still hasn't chosen a wall color? This girl! We are going to look at a new store because I've exhausted every single color choice Home Depot sells. In the long run, $400 is a bargain for painting the walls *since it would take us a week and look like shit and only take them a few days* but that $400 has to come from somewhere. So it happens to be my fucking metal stools and new curtains budget!! I'm optimistic about it though, we are selling Liv's stroller and once we do, I'll have my $400 back for my stools and fabric for making new curtains. Yesterday I had to buy house paint since they had to cut through the wood siding to access the bathroom pipes. Yay! Another $73 on stupid paint.

Pretty incredible before and after
Today the guys are working on our fence. Tomorrow, they are installing our new hardwood floors. Somebody buy our rad stroller so I can buy my stools!!!

Our Craigslist ad

I was planning to have a much needed date night and go see Room 237 tonight with my sweetums but after playing at the Laemmele *aka the old folks movie theater* for weeks, it's no longer playing. Boo! Maybe we'll just go to dinner, I've been wanting steak and I could use a drink!

Happy Friday!!

Enjoy some Goopy rapping courtesy of My Man Michael K!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Progress...at last!

Monday looked like this

Rene in action!
So at this point my anxiety was sky high
Y I K E S!
It took 2 hours to remove our 90 year old cabinets
Awesome hole right?
 And then yesterday afternoon...

Oh you beautiful drywall! and 3 new electrical outlets
Sweet copper pipes! We got a new fancy shmancy Delta Showerhead too.
This may look uninteresting but a majority of our remodel budget went here. Our house was on it's last leg in the plumbing department. By Thursday we may have wonderful water pressure!!

Sunday's Ikea delivery went smoothly and we somehow fit everything in the living room.

Our new lovely dishwasher!!
The delivery guys ran the boxes up our stairs like nothing. In two weeks, the new cabinets, countertop, sink, faucet and dishwasher will be installed. So far, everything is on schedule and going according to plan. *knock on wood* We had a few hiccups but nothing major. Our amazing contractor Rene told us that our floors are in such bad shape, we can't refinish them. *Boo* So now we are getting new floors that he will install on top. Which means I have to find new floors that look old and distressed. This is me...

I can't wait until I can start decorating! I found our stools at a fraction of the cost. We are still undecided on the wall paint.

I like the bright white *#2* look but I do agree with Antz, we need some contrast from the white trim.
We are going to Jill's Paint in Atwater Village this weekend to see what they have. This has been the hardest to choose so far.