Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hop Hoppity Easter Weekend

Sorry I've been MIA. I hope everyone had a rad Easter holiday. We had a bit of a drizzle of rain but that didn't stop our Easter hunt fun at Liv's Padrinos. Aimee brought Liv her Easter basket on Friday and Liv went nuts. It was really an adorable moment when you see your kid so happy to get a present.

She ate tons of chocolate eggs and pez candy, Thanks Godmommy!
Saturday we went to a carnival in the neighborhood. Liv loved riding the rickity rides. I loved how carny the folks were. I had a blast on the bumper cars ride.

I love this clown, I'd totally have that sign in my house.
This picture cracks me up!

Sunday morning we colored eggs.

Liv's eggs turned out pretty adorable!
I made a pinata egg
I'm so lucky to be married to a talented artist
Hoppy Easter from the Strongman & the bearded lady!
The Easter bunny brought Liv some toys and books
We went to Stephen & Leslie's house for their annual Easter egg hunt

So many delish homemade goodies
These giant carrot cupcakes were amazing
I must have eaten 100 deviled eggs, I never had them with bacon crumbs before
We are such good Catholic girls
I love confetti eggs!

One of the party guests husband is a fireman so he stopped by with the fire truck so the kids could see it. Olivia had a ball climbing around in the truck. Firemen are the sweetest guys in the world!

Liv really had a ball. She loves playing with the kids and stuffing her face with cookies, cakes and candies. I told her she has to promise to not eat anymore candy until Halloween. We went to evening mass and then visited Antz Mom for some turkey. We had a beautiful weekend!

So after a month of planning, budgeting and getting quotes, we have narrowed down our choices and we are hoping to start our new fence in the next few weeks. We got a fair price and we are using cedar. I'm so excited to start working on the kitchen soon. I have huge news to share with you but I'm keeping quiet until Friday. I don't want to jinx it!

I do have some awesome news to share in the meanwhile...I got tickets to see Björk at the Hollywood Bowl on June 11th!! The last time I saw her live was in Las Vegas back in 2009. I am so stoked for this show, you have no idea.
I love this lady!!!

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