Monday, June 28, 2010

I want to get hitched so bad!!

For the past year I have been lusting after this beauty!

Design Within Reach 16'7" Airstream travel

This month's issue of Sunset magazine is only adding to my misery with a cover of this lovely and a feature about renting Airstreams and camping at Big Sur *which is on my top 5 camp destinations*.

There are a few problems *besides the obvious, price $65,000 with all the bells and whistles* standing in the way of me and my dream to Airstream-land, I read the towing capacity and it seems that Antz Honda Element isn't heavy enough to tow it. Also, the DWR custom airstream appears to only be available in San Francisco but now that I think of it, it would be better to fly to SF and pick it up and drive it down the coast.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Farmer's Market Fun

Today is my sweet hubby's 35th birthday.

Last year I went all out with a big surprise bash at this amazingly cool speakeasy old timey bar in downtown LA called the Edison. It was way cool!

My surprised birthday boy!!

After our night of debauchery we ended up at the Brite Spot diner in Silverlake

Today we made plans to meet our new baby friends, Cobb & Jen and baby Charlotte at the Montrose Farmer's market. They live in walking distance so we met them at the kettle corn booth *yum*. We also invited Story & Chris to meet us. While we were there our friends Tom & Jes showed up and Antz co-worker, Kat popped up too. It was really sunny and hot so we hung out in the shade and talked. Olivia was fussy whenever we put her in the stroller so Antz held her the whole time. I was so excited for her to wear her sunhat but it was huge on her tiny head.

Of course our camera battery died so I had to use my iphone.

Chris held Liv for the first time.

They took their dog to the Huntington dog beach which sounded like so much fun. I'm a bit bummed because the flower booth we bought these pretty flowers last time wasn't there today. So no flowers this week. :(

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll get you my pretty!

I feel like Gollum lusting after his precious. Everyone knows the impressive work of Famille Summerbelle and I want it now!

Famille Summerbelle
She has a new world map that would be perfect for Liv's nursery. Only problem is I need a more technical map for 'learnin'. This weekend I need to help Antz finish Olivia's flashcards. I can't think of any rad X words at the moment. I did find some pretty gnarley newborn pic ideas but we don't have a swimming pool to pull these gorgeous poses off

photos by Phil Shaw
I love these so much!! I would die to get some shots of Liv underwater in the nude. I like these poses too

I adore these wings. The first one is beautiful, I love the light and the bebe reminds me of faces Liv makes that I can never seem to catch on camera.

It's bring Olivia to work day!

We took our ladybug to Antz place of work today for a visit and to turn in her medical insurance paperwork *which we completely forgot to turn in*. When we arrived, Antz co-worker and his wife, Cobb & Jennifer brought their 2 week *older than Liv* daughter, Charlotte too. Liv had her first playdate and tenaciously slept through most of the visit. Cobb & Jen live in Montrose so maybe we'll meet up at the farmer's market this Sunday. I took her out of her stroller and let some friends hold her and she woke up and demanded lunch. I pulled out my hooter hider and fed her in Antz office *yay for privacy*. She was wonderful until it was time to go, she let out her fabulous screams on the way out and the minute we hit the parking lot she was sound asleep. Everyone thought she was adorable, she looks bigger than 3 weeks, 2 days and everyone loved her BabyGap romper.

Olivia and the Art Dept.

Olivia met most of the staff but it was half-day Friday so many folks were at lunch and Antz boss was in New York. I'll bring her again for Halloween. Hopefully Antz will find this awesome costume by then.

So Wednesday was quite miserable for me. I woke up and my left arm *from under the shoulder and above my elbow* was hurting. At first I thought I slept weird on it and it would go away but then I couldn't move my arm without excruiating pain. I couldn't hardly pick up Liv or use my left arm on my own. It hurt so bad I had to call Gilli and make an appt to see her. I spent the entire day in pain, Antz iced and massaged my arm but nothing relieved the pain. I was unable to type *hence no blogging*, I barely was able to take a shower and I had to keep my gimp arm in a sling. By some miracle the next morning *the day of my appt with Gilli* it felt much better. I was able to move it and twist my wrist. I will never take my pain-free limbs for granted again. I must have pinched a nerve or something because I have no idea what caused it. Gilli massaged my arm and shoulder and put some tiger balm on it. It felt 100% better. I am glad I was able to see Gilli and bring Liv to visit.

Me and my 2 dolls!
So because of my arm injury I wasn't able to go wait in line at Best Buy for the iPhone 4 like I'd planned but that's fine, all the store were only selling preorders and I would have wasted my time. We both decided to wait until August to get the phones *when the white phone will be available* and we'll call it an anniversary gift. Antz 35th birthday is Sunday and besides dinner at his fave restaurant *Indonesian yummy food* we don't have any big plans. This may be Liv's first babysitting date which is bumming me out. I feel awful leaving her not that I don't trust my MIL but she's so young and we are already dumping her :( We just don't want her screaming during dinner because this place is seriously tiny, like the size of our living room. No plans for Saturday but a bunch of people said they would like to come visit Liv so we'll be home all day. I really need to put together ideas for Liv's photo shoot which is fast approaching *next Sunday*. I am not sure about her wardrobe, we need to spruce up the house *our garden and lawn are totally burnt from the sun and lack of us watering* and Liv has a rash all over her body and face from heat that we need to treat. I am sure Sarah can photoshop it away.