Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What would you do with $100?

I was thinking of how $100 doesn't buy much anymore. I was looking at Baby Gap online for some much needed summer onesies for Liv, these awesome Stella McCarthey pjs and this cute 2 piece set

I am love the pj's but they only come in 3-6 month. I feel like Liv has so many cute 3 months and up clothes but nothing that fits her now. I still want a cool Vincent Price onesie but I only found this one on Etsy

It's cute but I would rather find one with his actual photo on it. We just got back from a walk in Atwater Village, we took Max and of course he pooped every 5 minutes *YUCK*. It was a good walk for me because I feel it in my flab :) Olivia slept the entire time. I have a headache and I can't take any advil :( on top of that I am super indecisive for what I want for dinner.

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