Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Aspiration List

Now that Olivia is flourishing in her French school and we have taken our dream vacation, I'm ready to set some new goals for myself for the new year. I have a long list of rad things I'd like to accomplish but it always seems like there are dumb obstacles like money, poor timing, or being afraid of failure. I am no longer going to make excuses for not reaching for my goals.

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My Aspiration List
Practicing / French every Thursday with my tutor Fanny and the art of PATIENCE!
Mastering / icing a cake and being on time
Eating / more fresh fruit, less fast food and I really want to eat at Ba restaurant
Drinking / spa water, no more soda for me
Learning / to listen more than I speak, drive a stick shift and to stop procrastinating
Trying / to make my big, amazing dream come true next year (fingers crossed!)
Playing / Nintendo Wii with Olivia
Finishing / all the projects I start and Liv's baby book (ahem, stop procrastinating!!)
Reading / Not That Kind of Girl and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
Watching / American Horror Story: FreakshowBroad City and this Banksy documentary
Listening / Sia's Chandelier and Phantogram
Remembering / to water our plants

our fig fiddle plant is doing so well
Wearing / white dresses, my new shoes and French braids in my hair
Cooking / everything in my crock pot
Working / on getting Olivia more modeling jobs and joining Pop Physique
Traveling / our next road trip to Portland and hopefully we'll visit Evelyn & Dion in New York
Wanting / to say yes to new things, color my hair and to get Invisalign braces
Shopping / for new bedroom curtains, this print and a new camera (bought one on sale last week!)

On Thanksgiving we participated in a secret confetti fight
What are your goals/dreams/aspirations? You have any big New Year plans? I have a huge one but I going to wait to share it. Bonne Chance!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Liv rocked her Rainbow Dash My Little Pony costume. This year was a rad one!

I bought the Rainbow Dash hoodie, socks and rainbow tutu from Amazon. The t-shirt is from Target. I am so happy she didn't go as Elsa, there was at least 15 of them at her school!

I wanted to do something easy, comfy and pretty this year. I found this incredible make up tutorial and used my floral crown from Le Diner en Blanc. Easy Peasy!

I didn't do my makeup as elaborate because I knew I was going to have a long day with many events so the minimal look worked best.
Oh Deer!

I went to pick up Antz Mom and her sister so they could come to Liv's Halloween party at her school. I stopped by Starbucks for a caffeine fix and look who I happily bumped into...
Monsieur Patton Oswalt!

She was so excited to see them!
I made apple slices dipped in caramel for the party
This guy was a hit with the kids. I passed out Halloween stickers and the kids were equally terrified and thrilled by it.

Next stop with Antz company party which never disappoints.

Kim wins as Bob Ross "Happy Little trees guy"
Stupid Flanders

My favorite costume of the day!!
We dropped off Liv's Grandma and Aunt and headed over to Carroll Avenue to trick or treat. Wouldn't you know after months of a severe drought, it rained all night. We went to as many houses as we could before the downpour.

What a perfect and fun Halloween! Je suis tellement heureux, il a finalement plu.