Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seven Years of Heaven

Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary. Nope, no 7 year itching happening here!! We went to Duke's for our traditional anniversary dinner.

5 Years  8/18/2007

6 Years   8/18/2008

7 Years 8/18/2009


The only thing that can compare to the greatest day of my life *holding the #1 spot for bebe's birthday* was my wedding day. We planned for 1 1/2 years every detail, did everything ourselves except baked the cake. I attended every bridal expo in Southern California. I memorized Martha Stewart Weddings. I visited the knot on an hourly basis. I was consumed with place cards and linens. Despite our shuttle getting stuck in the sand for 45 minutes, our day was perfection. I am starting preliminary plans for our 10 year vow renewal. Hopefully we'll have it in Hawaii and we really want a live band *including a harpist* this time. So we had our reception at Dukes Malibu so it would be awesome to have our renewal at Dukes Honolulu. 


Monday, August 17, 2009

Love letter to Mummy

I just got off the phone with my Mommy. For some reason I felt amazingly close to her even though she is almost 100 miles away. She is coming to visit me on Wednesday. Here are some things I love most about my Mommy. 1. My Mom is an phenomenally talented musician. She is fearless and broke barriers in music history. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for her participation in the early Motown years being the youngest and only female in an all-boys club. 2. Bobbie has never compromised her morals or values in any aspect of her life, whether it be in relationships, her dreams or giving in to what would be considered "easy". 3. My Mom was an only child and made the decision for me to be an only child which helped me choose to only have one child. 4. My Mom took me on tour with her when I was an wee baby which directly impacted my wanderlust. 5. My Mom was absolutely in love and devoted to my Grandmother. They shared the strongest mother-daughter bond ever. I hope to have that bond with my kid soon. 6. My Mom never limited herself, even though she's a successful musician she has gone to carpentry school in her 50's, has solely dedicated herself to building her dream oasis in the desert and now she is bravely moving into a venture to start her own podcast sharing her wisdom and life stories. 7. My Mom is quiet, reserved, humble, modest, wise, funny, thoughtful, loves to laugh, willing to learn, sensitive, insightful, supportive, deliberate, and eccentric. I only hope to gain a little of her qualities. 8. She is the only person in my life *besides Antz* that I can confide in and never feel vulnerable and I know she will really listen and give me her best advice, even when I don't want to hear the truth. She also introduced me to sushi at a young age. 9. She may not have worn a dress and apron or baked cookies but she never missed a game, recital or Christmas program. She endured being treated like a second class citizen because she was a single mother at my Catholic school so I could have the best education and a spiritual foundation. She was always on time to pick me up from school even when I wasn't. She put me in the top dance, art, sports programs in California and taught me to think outside of the norm. My Mom also showed me other alternatives to religion and never made me feel Catholic guilt. She gave me a voice and confidence that I hold dear, she helped me think for myself and never follow a crowd. She raised me in a house without any males present but managed to never let me feel like I was missing someone or needed a guy to feel worthy. 10. I am proud to be Bobbie's daughter. She endured so much joy and struggle in my life, she nursed me before, during and after my first IVF. She created an original song just for our bebe that I plan to play when I give birth. She is my therapist, my financial advisor, my best friend and my best client! :) She even sacrificed her hair for me during a mishap when I was in beauty school. She would do anything I ask her *even when she doesn't want to* and she has never lost faith in me. She loves me and my husband unconditionally and I love her unequivocally.

Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend

Why does Apple taunt me??  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Antz gets me a new iphone for our anniversary on Tuesday. Mine is completely full and the screen is pretty gnarly. I see Gilli today for acupuncture :) Had an awesome weekend. We met Story & Chris at the Americana and saw District 9 which was really good. Then we had sushi. Sunday Keith had us over for pool and food. Story brought peaches and treats from the farmer's market. I baked cookies but they didn't turn out so great because we need a new stove. Then we visited Antz Mum. Off topic, I really want this guy. Design Within Reach is my new obssession.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Antz and I made a pact to not purchase or go into any children's stores until we get a positive preggo test. So here's my conundrum It's enivitable, I fall in love with amazing bebe attire and it goes on super sale and then is no longer. I have seen this happen every week for the last 2 years. Right now I am worried that these mega cute addidas are endangered, they already sold out in orange at Nordstrom so now Piperlime and Zappos are my only hope. Here are a few other items I am crossing my fingers don't sell out by the end of the month.

Can you tell I really want a boy? But a girl is cool beans too, she'll just be a tomboy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good morning Sunshine

Today Antz went back to work :( I was getting used to having him around. So I have decided to start cooking more often. When I cooked dinner Monday night, it impressed Antz so much I feel like what the hell? I am his wife, why not Lucy it up? Domestic life can't be that bad, right?

I am entrenching myself into house projects. I want to love and adore my house but it's really a love/hate relationship. I do love that we have a 1923 California Bungalow. 

I do love the covered large porch and our big backyard with all the fruit trees. I love our hardwood floors and original, gorgeous windows.

However, I absolutely hate that we have a beautiful, original fireplace but we can never use it. Our house has major foundation problems, we have a garage that leaks and is filled with of all things BLACK WIDOW spiders! Then there's our neighbors across the street. They are vile, they are unemployed, white trash hillbilly, intoxicated, meth-using, loud, drunken fighting hooligans. They totally bring down our house's value. So as we are pretty much stuck here for a least another year so I am compiling a list of DIY projects to start. 1. Remodel our outdated kitchen. There is years of bad paint jobs on the cabinets. Antz pointed out to me that the color of our cabinets are identical to Family Guy's kitchen.

We definitely want to paint them white. Possibly just take off the cabinet doors. I am worried that when we sell *yeah right*, a buyer may not like not having cabinet doors. We need a new stove. Our current stove is from the 70's and not at all vintage.

It's covered in thick grease and burns anything you put in the oven *good excuse for me not to cook*. The tile countertops and backsplash have to be replaced. I would like white subway tile and a corian countertop.
*my dream kitchen*

The hardwood floors are amazing but there are a few loose floorboards and they could use some refinishing.  Then there's this hideous ceiling fan. I am thinking a nice pendant lamp in it's place.

I found the least expensive, yet brand name pull-down faucet.  I have an assortment of projects for the house but I presently am losing a battle with formatting my photos and I am getting the yawns. Nighty Night