Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll get you my pretty!

I feel like Gollum lusting after his precious. Everyone knows the impressive work of Famille Summerbelle and I want it now!

Famille Summerbelle
She has a new world map that would be perfect for Liv's nursery. Only problem is I need a more technical map for 'learnin'. This weekend I need to help Antz finish Olivia's flashcards. I can't think of any rad X words at the moment. I did find some pretty gnarley newborn pic ideas but we don't have a swimming pool to pull these gorgeous poses off

photos by Phil Shaw
I love these so much!! I would die to get some shots of Liv underwater in the nude. I like these poses too

I adore these wings. The first one is beautiful, I love the light and the bebe reminds me of faces Liv makes that I can never seem to catch on camera.

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