Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today had it's highs and its lows but now I'm back on top!

I made a vow to make today awesome and get things done on my list. I started off the morning glued to my laptop and didn't realize I wasted most of the morning away. I had to rush off for my pedicure appt. As I left I picked up the mail and saw 4 letters from our mortgage company. I was sure it was our June statement so I opened it on the way to Gloss and I must have hit the roof of my car with fury!! There was a bill for June 1st for much more than our old payment!! I called Antz and had my usual panic/crybaby attack and he tried to calm me down. When I got to Gloss I called our mortgage company and spoke to someone about it. Well, I totally was PUNKED because she told me it was an error and the amount is the same as it should be and she even told me I won't have to make a payment until July 1st *SWEET*. My emotions are on a short end, I also sort of panicked when I saw the crew hadn't worked on the overhang shingles but my fears were put to a rest when I came home from my errands and saw them working on it. So it seems that all is right in Lizzie's world and I will make it to the party without having a heart attack. I really enjoyed my pedicure.
*sorry big fat preggo feet*

I went to Vons to pick up ice and I got a new hanging plant for the kitchen. As I was leaving to go home, I remembered to stop at PF Changs to pick up the forks, spoons and chopsticks. I'm going to tie them together with curling ribbon tonight. Now I need to write out the menu and soon, Antz will be home :)
I give myself 3 out 5 stars but it's done! Now all Antz has to do is attach it to the frame.

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