Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovely Olivia Lily is 5 weeks old

Our darling daughter is now 5 weeks old!!

I can't believe how quickly she's growing. Today after her bath, I took her 5 weeks photo and she was holding her head up on her own! *for a few seconds*

Today she was speaking *baby talk* while Antz was getting ready for work. She has been smiling like crazy *melts my heart* I can't believe I survived a day without Antz. We went to the post office and I sent out the christening invitations *finally*.

I put her in her stroller and was going to take a mini walk but the street we were on was gross and people were asking me for change so I just took her home. I made a date with Jennifer *Antz co-worker's wife* this Thursday to take our girls for a walk in Montrose.
Leslie wants to try to make the cookie favors herself. I know I am not good at all with baking and icing but we will help her make them. I need to find the Monogram embosser, I'm thinking of trying Williams Sonoma this Friday.

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