Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party Time, Excellent!

Yesterday was Liv's first time as a guest at a birthday party!! She partied hard. It was our friend Aura's daughter, Elina's 3rd birthday party. Antz found a sweet Barbie Pre-school playset for her *sorry, I have to use a stock image as I totes forgot to take a pic of it*

When Antz showed me the gift, I told him the dolls looked like Aura and Elina, haha! super cute

I picked up some rad Paul Frank wrapping paper and balloons

Here's what I learned...eff presents, kids go ape shit for balloons!!

I got a workout playing peek-a-balloon with the birthday girl, I was cracking her up!!

Antz tested wearing Liv face-front, although she didn't seem to complain, it looked too uncomfortable.

The happy, rad family

Elina's Grandmother is a professional face painter so she prettied all the guests up with butterflies, fairies and flowers

Liv even got painted

Sweet purple flowers

You know I had to get my face painted

My Goddess eye

Liv rocked her new Tarjey dress

She pigged out on pureed pears and pear juice while we had finger sandwiches, quiche and chocolate covered strawberries, YUM!

Look how adorable Aura is, Tres Jolie!!

Liv and Papa playing soccer

Liv was eyeing Antz lollipop with a look of bloodlust

She literally wrestled it out of his hands and had her first taste of the smack, crack, the bad shit

I believe our daughter is now thoroughly addicted to sugar, we will be sending her to rehab promptly. BOO!

This sweet angel is Sophia, Aura's brand new daughter *remember, she was preggers when we went to the Aquarium a month ago*

This awesome guy is Kevin, Liv made a ton of new buddies. I was talking to Aura's Mum *who has traveled everywhere and speaks a million languages* It was definitely an international affair, LOVE IT!!

Joyeux anniversaire!!!

Fun Times, Aura's family and friends were super sweet and welcoming. I am looking forward to many future playdates and parties!!

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