Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just a peek

I suck at keeping a secret but last night we did a dress rehearsal after finishing her costume.

Our lovely chicken!

We added the eyes and mouth but Liv is not so keen on wearing the hoodie. I think we did pretty good compared to our inspiration.

Yesterday I went to Target to look for this adorable dress I saw over at Making It Lovely

but like a dork, I did not read that the dress was sold online only. Boo, it appears the dress is sold out online so now I'm super bummed!!

However on the bright side... I browsed the luggage department, I'm still hunting for a Missoni suitcase for Aimee and low and behold what do I find...?

Oh, just the matching tote/laptop bag. 

I do need it for my carry-on.

*Sorry Aimee, still looking for you, babe!* It's official, I am no longer allowed any more Missoni goodies for myself. Not because I don't want it, but guess what's launching in November?

Umm, yeah, I'm in trouble! My lovely friend Mia is going to line up with me *early this time* on the release morning. Thank goodness it's just stuff for kids, I need to focus on SAVING my dough for Paris. I just did the math, if I saved $10 a day starting tomorrow until the proposed trip, I would have enough! I could even afford my dream photo shoot with Pauline Darley.

Our bebe got her flu shots this morning. Antz styled her in a very Olivia ensemble.


Kendall said...

What an adorable costume! She is precious. I found you via Oh Happy Day. Don't you just love her?

Lizzie Dearest said...


I am girl crushing on Jordan, hard! I am planning our trip to Paris using her guide.

Take Care!