Friday, February 24, 2012

Yeah, We Wore It 0-2/12

I was supposed to start a new feature at the beginning of the year I am calling Yeah, We Wore It....*possibly stolen from Bleubird Vintage* but I was having technical issues with Photoshop Elements. Problem 1, I didn't know how to use it and no one else did either. Turns out *after watching some youtube tutorials and asking Antz a million stupid questions* it's pretty similar to Photoshop with less fancy features. Problem 2...I used a photo from December as my starter and I couldn't find a really awesome one of all of us in January except this one, but you'll forgive me, right?

So, making it's's Yeah, We Wore It

Boo, I forgot to mention that I got the Steve Zissou Cameo pin from the Renegade Craft Fair *Love Nan Lawson*
I just noticed how overly color coordinated we were
Seriously, if you have a guy in your life, buy him a pair of Sanuks. They rock my socks!
Hopefully, I'll improve *thanks Antz for the expert advice* and I will post what we wore every month. Sheesh, Antz is always holding Olivia! I can't promise you won't see more Gap stuff, what can I say, we're a Gap family *I worked there eons ago* I still have my Gap badge and can fold a sweater perfectly!

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