Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boost My Roost Kitchen Remodel Contest

Nicole over at Making it Lovely is hosting a $20,000 Home Makeover contest.

Boost Your Roost

Fingers crossed!!

Here's my submission:

Our kitchen will be celebrating her 89th birthday this year. She is definitely showing her age. Our home is a 1923 California bungalow that we love but previous owners have given the kitchen really bad renovations (she looks like Joan Rivers.) We have been fantasizing of our dream kitchen since we moved in 6 years ago. My husband and I would remodel the kitchen ourselves BUT…we have plumbing that’s a Lindsay Lohan hot mess! Our galvanized pipes need replacing and that would eat the majority of our remodel budget. Then 2 years ago, we brought Olivia home. Now we have an active, amazing toddler, we are so busy with her, starting a DIY project seems close to impossible.
Our cabinets are original and unfortunately not very practical for 2012. They have been (poorly) repainted several times so now we are stuck with a horrible mustard yellow. My friend asked if the hair ties we have holding our doors closed was baby proofing. No, the doors just won’t stay closed on their own, old cabinetry! When my husband and I cook, it’s a nightmare. We have no counter space to prep, and with our poor plumbing, let’s just say we eat out a lot. I fall asleep with visions of crisp white cabinets, glass front doors, penny tile backsplash and a dishwasher in my head (who doesn’t have a dishwasher? ME! That’s who). I envision butcher-block countertops, new knobs and drawer pulls. I have had my eye on a light fixture at Pottery Barn for years. I love the classic traditional style kitchen (similar to Nicole’s kitchen). I would love to have a kitchen I could cook in everyday. I added that I want to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family to my LifeList. I really hope I can do it this year with a brand new FUNctional kitchen!


d. Kitchen (3).JPG
Our kitchen

We literally have tape on our hardwood floors

My hubby surprised us by painting our pantry door with chalkboard paint

I keep a photo and wishlist of my dream kitchen as inspiration while I wash dishes!

Our awesome family, Anthony, Elizabeth & Olivia

In the strange event we aren't chosen, Antz and I are saving our pennies for a $6,000 mini makeover next Spring. I can't afford new cabinets, but I am going to somehow squeeze a new dishwasher in our existing cabinets. However it turns out, I'll just be happy to have working plumbing. This is my ideal remodel:

I found this lovely kitchen in HGTV magazine. I am in love with that apron sink and island with tons of room for food prep. It's pretty much the same layout as our kitchen. They even have the same numbered containers from Target as me! I've been putting together my Pinterest Kitchen Remodel board and it feels impossible to stay on budget. We're going to paint the cabinets, put in subway tile backsplash, new butcher-block countertops, paint the walls a neutral tone, new knobs and drawer pulls, have the floors professionally refinished and buy a new dining table and chairs. A new kitchen would be heaven. Then I can cook Thanksgiving dinner!

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