Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - 8/30

Today is a bad habit.

I'm terribly pigeon-toed, I try my best to correct it when I walk
Of course I could have done tons more awful habits but this one is the most obvious. Lucky for me, I don't bite my nails or anything like that. Lemme say, there's two bad habits most men have that drive me insane. I honestly lose my shit when I see a man spit on the street or tug at their junk. That is so gross and lewd, drives me mad I tells ya!

Okay, to be fair, Antz informed me being pigeon-toed isn't necessarily a habit. Honestly speaking I have a worse habit.

I have a potty mouth like nobody's business.

I hope you all can play along 30 Day Photo Challenge

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