Thursday, May 29, 2014

All our bags are packed

The husband finished packing last night. Everyone seems to think I'm over packing but even Antz couldn't fit all his clothes and toiletries in his tiny carry-on. We were just about to buy this bag from Flight 001 *one of these days I hope to buy this guy* for him when he remembered I won a nice Samonite duffle bag at my old company at a Christmas raffle. At the time I won this bag, I was disappointed I didn't win the ipod but boy am I happy we have it.

There's a separate compartment on the bottom and it has wheels
I found this luggage tag at Target
I bought the voltage converter so I will be able to use my flat iron *I am praying it won't break* and Antz made some snazzy luggage tags for me.

He is so minimalist

Herschel Supply Co Heritage Backpack
Homemade luggage tags *He designed them, printed them and I took them to Staples to get laminated, only cost $1.50 for 4!*
Apple iPhone
Apple Earbuds
Antz passport
Nikon D3000 SLR Camera
Gum *Olivia is super excited because she is allowed to chew gum during our flight so her ears don't hurt*
Apple iPad
Ghirardelli chocolate *I bought some as a gift/bribe for the flight attendants*
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion *sometimes baby products work best for adults*

I picked up our foreign currency at the bank so now I'm ready to make it rain in the shops!!

Lizzie & Elizabeth
I hope my talisman keep us safe, I love mythical superstition!

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