Friday, March 20, 2015

Paris March 2015 *Updated*

I flew out to Paris alone to surprise my BFF Aimee and spend my birthday in my favorite city!! She had no idea I was coming to visit her.

It was burning up in LA but only 40 degrees in Paris so I had to layer
Thanks for the best birthday present my heart! I'll miss you and Liv.

I enjoyed flying Air New Zealand, the flight attendants were sweet and of course the safety video featured Lord of the Rings stars.

Au revoir Los Angeles!
There used to be a neighborhood called Surfridge here back in the 1920's, LAX bought the land because it's in the flight path
The food wasn't as tasty as Virgin Atlantic
I arrived the next day with a short layover in London. This is Aimee's beautiful building

Luckily, she had an elevator for her 6th floor apartment

Seriously, her reaction is the best in history, sorry for her foul mouth but I find it too funny!

Surprising my BFF Aimee in Paris from sunkissis on Vimeo.

My first day exploring Paris alone while Aimee was in school.

I bought some toys for my baby at this awesome mall. I wish I remembered the name,
it was in the 2nd.
Ever since Liv found a Calico Critter in Amsterdam, she has been into them hardcore. They aren't as popular in the states so I picked up as many sets that could fit in my already full luggage.

I spent six hours wandering the streets, the weather was cold but all the walking kept me warm. I wore a skirt and no coat most days, it's the California girl in me!
Most fountains were empty, I wonder if they only fill them in warmer months?

Mona Lisa by street artist Invader

Such a cute all-girls school, I wish Liv could attend!

My iPhone cord broke so I had to buy a new one, how pretty is the Apple Store?

City Hall is always gorgeous, even in rainy weather!
I love the buskers in the Metro, I always feel like I'm in the film, Amelie
I'm sure I was the only person in Paris wearing yellow and taking Metro selfies, I'm a gross tourist!
I was listening to Björk's new album on my headphones all day and she kept
popping up everywhere

This guy was so adorable, he was my marker to find Aimee's apartment

I have a tradition of buying bracelets for Liv and I from Merci
I love Paris in the spring!!

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