Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Epic Road Trip: Portland Day One

Despite our hotel forgetting to give us an early morning wake up call, we hit the road by 7 am for the eleven hour trek to Portland, Oregon. I went to Portland in my teens for basketball camp and all I remember is TREES EVERYWHERE!! If there is such a thing as a tree phobia, beware! Antz did most of the driving so I could read my new book, Go Set aWatchman by Harper Lee. I love how she dropped her sequel fifty five years later, so gangsta! I love long scenic road trips but by our eighth hour in the car, we were getting restless.

It's sad to see how bad California's drought is

Our first stop was in Eugene which is home to the University of Oregon. We needed gas and was shocked to discover that it's illegal to pump your own gas in the state of Oregon. We found out the hard way that it's unnecessary to give them a tip so we ended up having to go in the store and get change for the guy.

Another fun fact about Oregon, there's NO SALES TAX!! Believe me, I was very happy to discover this, only we had so much planned, I had very little time for shopping. I did squeeze in time to pick up a pair of shoes for Liv but next visit, I will be ready! We arrived at our friends Story & Chris' house around 6pm. Story told us we just missed a major heat wave. Yay! we were happy to move into their adorable attic guest suite. Their house is insane! We both had similar little 2 bedroom houses in LA but their new house is three times the size of ours. They have three stories and live in an awesome neighborhood. They walk everywhere. We settled in and walked to their version of Highland Park's York Blvd for dinner.

Finally made it!!

Olivia made friends with every cat in the neighborhood!

I've missed these faces terribly

The tacos and sangria were muy bueno. Seriously, DO NOT go to Portland because you will never want to leave!

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