Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Portlandia Day Two

Our second day in Oregon was incredible. We enjoyed lovely, mildly warm weather. We loved the food, the friendly vibes and the gorgeous nature everywhere you look! I swear we walked into a living Subaru commercial.

Friendliest cat we've ever met
Olivia snapped this awesome photo
I did some research for our trip and I found out that Portland is all about that brunch.

I had so many great options to choose from but when I saw Slappy Cakes on the Food Network I knew we had to try it! Story & Chris have been wanting to go there too but there is always a crazy long wait. We checked out a cool vintage video store while we waited to be called. It's ridiculous how many great movies we've missed in theaters because we don't go as often, but when faced with thousands of DVDs to choose from, all we could decide on is The SpongeBob Movie for Liv and Veda.

We parked near a food truck lot. There are incredible food trucks (and trailers) everywhere!

Here was my order, buttermilk pancakes and fresh blueberries
You guessed it, it's a cook your own pancakes restaurant

Liv requested a snail, I ended up eating it
Obviously, this is my pancake, it broke during the flip
Pancakes de la Totoro for Antz
Our next stop was Multnomah Falls to take in the beautiful local nature.

Aren't these photos insane? I didn't have to edit anything.

I'm still in denial she's five years old!

So pretty!

We also checked out a fish hatchery where we saw a 100 year old sturgeon named Harold. We headed to downtown Portland for donuts at the popular tourist attraction, Voodoo Doughnuts.

We only had a few minutes on our parking meter and the line was ridiculous so we passed on buying anything. Story assured me she knew a better donut place closer to their house.

Every single thing that Carrie & Fred make reference to on Portlandia is 1,000% true!

We finished the day with dinner at McMenamins Kennedy School which is an old school renovated into a hotel, venue and restaurant. I heard they have an insanely beautiful soaking pool but it was closed to the public due to a private event. I took these photos of almost two year old Veda being adorable outside on the patio.

I can't tell you how much I've missed our dear friends. So far we are convinced we are moving to Portland!

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