Saturday, March 6, 2010

My husband is going to win an Oscar

for best video editing! He made this lovely video for Olivia while trying out a new program.

I love it! The music is Gling Glo by Bjork and he's going to add my preggo pics every week. I made french toast this morning but it didn't come out as good as the first time. We decided to return the new pots and buy a set of Calphalon from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

It makes more sense to return the 2 pots for $80 and buy this 10 piece set for $199 with his sister's 20% discount. I seem to be having bad luck with the new stove, so far I've burned a batch of chocolate chip cookies and the french toast I made this morning tasted gooey, like I didn't heat them long enough. Well, I am relentless about keeping the stove clean. My friend, Jessica,  from Beauty school and her boyfriend are stopping by tonight. Antz is going to make his famous chicken tacos. I haven't had them in forever. Tomorrow when we have our lunch date with Aimee, I am thinking of picking up some candles from Anthropologie since I have a 15% coupon for my birthday. I am counting down the days until Wednesday because my right-side ribs are killing me! I also have my glucose test and I want to get that over with. I am also anxious to see Olivia. Thursday is when my ring is supposed to be ready. I can't wait to have it back, I feel like I am missing my finger.

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RacheyJ said...

So came to your blog from babycenter and wanted to say. That is the Most beautiful video!!! Your hubby did a fabulous job. Ok call it hormones but I shed a happy tear.. Love IT!