Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am so freaking excited about Olivia's Yo Gabba Gabba outfit. I wanted to buy the shirt and the tutu from Etsy but the chick from The Girly Tutu no longer sold the Brobee shirt, so I just bought the tutu and we bought felt to make our own Brobee shirt. Antz made it this morning and it came out STELLAR!! I think it's better than the one I was gonna buy...

His prototype

Finshed result *hand sewn*

Happy Happy girl!!

Day #6....This makes me SUPER THANKFUL I have such a creative, genius husband. I would have paid $18 bucks for that shirt when we ended up paying $3.14 in felt, 2 hours of his time and $18 for the tutu. LOVE IT!!

Liv is 23 weeks today!!

We're going to Giggle *my fave baby store* and getting lunch. We may buy her Beaba Babycook today too. Got to run, laters lovelies!


Nancy Wen said...

Wow!!! antz did a great job! So cute and fashion forward!

Kim Burns said...

Wholly whatsis!!!!! I LOVE it!!!