Monday, November 8, 2010

Short & Sweet

I know how long-winded I usually am, so today I'm keeping it short & sweet. I'd like to profess my latest blog crush, Kissssing! This blog has 2 perfect elements, rad vintage photography and sweet love quotes. Isn't it darling?

Day #4...I am totally thankful that I live in a warm climate like California. I loathe cold weather. I grew up in the desert and I am happiest in the sunshine. I am very happy that I do not have to endure snow. I will be 1,000 times much more happier when I have a pool. But today, I am thankful for good old sunny California.

Bird & the Bee concert at the Descanso Gardens

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Leeann B. said...

Love the blog! Thanks for that! And that's such a cute pic of the two of you! That's like, print-out-and-hang-on-the-wall worthy! =)