Sunday, August 5, 2012

Highland Cafe Part 2

This morning my friend Terry invited us to join them for breakfast at Highland Cafe. We walked over and encountered the largest dog I've ever seen in my life.

Antz was like, "Is that a rug?"
I find his little pal ironic.
Hi Lew doggy!

My pretty waffle
Liv enjoyed stirring her oatmeal but she ate some later at home
This waitress is super adorable! Her shirt had thread, bobbins and needles on it. We had a chat about our love of sewing and Peter Pan collars.

Lew is the sweetest, most patient dog ever.
Look at Terry's adorable preggers belly, baby brother will be here in December.

There is a new comic book store across the street, AWESOME!!
We're both so happy our neighborhood is getting so rad, but my heart still belongs to Atwater Village. A new market/cafe opened there called Bon Vivant. We have to check it out soon.


Bahati Belle said...

Livs Doll is too cute, who is she?

Lizzie Dearest said...

Thanks so much :)
She is Flowerpot Blossom and she's a Lalaloopsy doll. We "adopted" her from Toys R Us for Liv's first birthday. Not sure if they still have them, maybe Target does.