Sunday, June 8, 2014

Amélie/Montmartre walking tour

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain is the most adorable movie ever made. Today we took a walking tour through Montmartre to most of the places from the movie. It must have been 80° but I can't complain. I'll take the sun over rain any day. We started out at the St Martin canals which is close to our apartment and then walked to the Metro and got off at Lamarck-Caulaincourt station since I was sure that was the highest point so then we could work our way down in Montmartre. Wrong! We ended up hiking up grueling hills and stairs. It's great for my dress size but my legs are like I quit! After we made it to the top of the hill, we found a cute train that would drive us through a tour of Montmartre so we hopped on to take a break. We saw everything on my list except M. Collignon's grocery store *so I didn't dip my hand in a bag of lentils*.
Time to break in my new Saltwater sandals
I dropped off a dress to be dry cleaned
The owner took a photo of Liv with her camera
The Dude Abides
Liv took some rad shots
I'm sure if I lived in Paris my door would be turquoise or pink
Represent Downtown LA!
I do not look good in hats
Liv said I look nice in a hat
Future photographer
She's almost tall enough
I really wanted to rent bikes but there is no safety seat for Liv
Let's get a little breakfast
This place was playing Michael Jackson the entire time we were there!
Of course we had a blue doughnut to celebrate National Doughnut day!

 Canal St Martin *Amelie skipped stones on the locks*
I'm doing my best reenactment of her skipping stones but there were no stones around
I found peonies!

Here's a typical Parisian water fountain. Still working, built in 1872
Invader is the French version of Banksy. I love his art

Gare de L'est is featured heavily in the film. The photobooth where she solves the mystery of the bald man, and the beautiful shot of her sitting on the stairs looking at Nino's photo album
So we may have bribed her with some candy but she was very good all day
 This is where the blind man is playing music on his record player and the photobooth where she first encounters Nino
It still looks like the 1930s
These stairs never seemed to end
Amelie leads the blind man to these stairs while describing the sights to him *one of my favorite scenes*

Olivia found this awesome comic book store, too bad it was closed
We've spent so much time in the flat part of Paris so Montmartre was a challenge with all the hills and stairs

this bird was like like, ooh berries, yummy!
On this street, rue de Saint Vincent, the first shot of the movie was taken: "On September 3rd 6:28pm and 32 seconds a blue fruitfly, capable of 14,670 wingbats per minute, landed on the Rue Saint Vincent in Montmartre"
The artwork was incredible
petit train de montmartre
The Sex shop Nino worked in was nearby. We didn't need to see it
The famous Moulin Rouge
It's not as fun in the daylight
Cafe des 2 Moulins, where Amelie works with an eccentric group of people

The Saint Pierre de Montmartre Church is one of the oldest in Paris
I love visiting old churches, the more Gothic the better
Olivia thinks she's part Vampire
Some views are just better in person
This woman sounded just like Edith Piaf

La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre

Olivia made a new friend at the playground
She was teaching Liv French
How does this kid run around in the blazing hot sun?
Friday night is a popular time for hanging out at the St Martin Canals, very hipster vibe

We were pretty hungry by the time we finished so we took the metro to our favorite Indian restaurant. Guess what? Most restaurants close between 3pm and 7pm. We had to wait for an hour but it was worth the wait. The guys told us the nan *flatbread* wasn't ready so we were pretty disappointed but then he magically brought us 2 pieces. So delicious! All this walking and tours is catching up with me. My thighs feel tighter and I am not so easily out of breath. This is the perfect workout!

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