Sunday, June 15, 2014

Paris for Kids

Our first trip to Paris we were in our twenties so we explored the city's bars, nightclubs and less child-friendly restaurants. Now that we are parents, we are discovering what Paris has to offer for family fun. So far Liv has really enjoyed Jardin des Tuileries.

The playground was hardcore
I cheered Liv on across the bridge
It was crazy high but she was brave, way to go kiddo!
She did it!
Carousels are so common here, each one is beautiful

Created in 1564, Jardin des Tuileries became a public park in 1667. It borders the Louvre Museum and is massive. It's pretty much the Central Park of Paris. There is so many activities to do but we wanted to try something that I wish we had in California public parks...TRAMPOLINE!


It cost €2,50 for five minutes and Olivia had the time of her life! This kid never gets tired. I remember having unlimited energy when I was a kid too. I suggested that we install trampolines in the new park they are building in Highland Park but I suppose American kids aren't ready for something this awesome. I do know that when we buy a new house an in ground trampoline is high on my wishlist *of course after photobooth and a secret door*

As much as Liv could have jumped all day, we ventured out to do some shopping and sightseeing. Angelina was the nicest dessert shop/tearoom we saw in Paris.

Shopping for kids in Paris is a dream...if you are a wealthy person. We chose to spend our cash on food, experiences and some gifts to bring back for our family so I didn't splurge on $50 shirts *Antz is giving me a high five* However, if you are in Paris and feeling extravagant, I recommend these stores.


Petit Bateau *mostly infants*

Milk on the Rocks

Antoine & Lili

An adorable shop for kids in the 10th
We went to the Pathe Cinemas in le Opera and saw Malefique the other night! I was secretly hoping it would be dubbed into French but it was in English with French subtitles. I found it to be very interesting. Angelina seemed to be in her element and the story wrapped up nicely. Olivia loved it!

I thought it was cool how the French movie theaters operate. You can choose to purchase tickets with a person or use a self kiosk like in LA but they charge one euro for 3-D glasses so if you don't want to buy them you can still watch the movie normally. We found ourselves in a Portlandia sketch due to the theater being six stories underground.

After the movie we walked around the neighborhood late at night and found a place perfect for a four year old on a Saturday night. A retro video game arcade! I used to love these places when I was little. Now that I'm older I get a headache from all the noise and flashing lights but it makes my kid happy so I smile and play along. We didn't have much change but she enjoyed herself.

We also found this in Paris!

Good ole fashioned American Mexican cuisine
It was closed but this means that Anthony could possibly live here!!

I am extremely bummed because I made a dumb mistake and somehow lost 400 pictures I took with our Nikon J1 camera. I will try not to dwell on it because I have the memories of the experience but I lost many special moments *La Doguerie was so much fun* Lesson learned; Never, ever accidentally hit delete!

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