Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Most Likely to Succeed??

Possibly Maybe!!

So, Antz and I are embarking on a new venture that I am super excited about!! After much deliberation we are opening our own Etsy shop *All is Full of Love*. Björk's probably gonna sue my ass because I am constantly using her song titles because my brain isn't clever enough to be original. I like to think of it as a sincere form of flattery. I would have loved to name it Tout est plein de l'amour *French translation of All is Full of Love* but it's not catchy enough. So, you must be on pins and needles with wonder of what we shall be selling in our new fabulous shoppe??!!

So far we have our name banner listed but once we get our marketing campaign started, we may add customized mobiles like Livs

I am hoping I priced the banner competively enough, yet affordable. I'm going to Michaels tomorrow to buy more foam board to make some more samples. Antz is working on a shop header and I still have some editing to do but I am MAJORLY STOKED!! Hopefully we'll really have a prosperous New Year.

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Laura said...

Hi! Haven't been by in a while and wanted to say hello.


Olivia is so beautiful they are growing so fast.

happy new year!