Monday, July 23, 2012

Famous Olivia

I am grinning ear to ear after seeing this post at Ohdeedoh!! I love being featured on this site. I've been visiting it since I was preggers with Liv and have found so many awesome products and inspirational design ideas. I kinda wish the 5th photo was a better one cause my chalkboard sign was chopped off and Liv isn't looking at the camera.

I am recovering from another busy weekend. We went to Antz older brother's wedding and Sunday we took my Mom out to dinner for her birthday.

Hello there gut, not nice to see ya! *PS I am wearing Spanx*

I love his tie *such a hottie*

I look a thousand times better on Instagram

Clinnie the Supermodel
Congrats Courtney & Al!

Little known fact about my daughter...she loves to boogie!
Seriously, she was on the dance floor ALL NIGHT!

This little girl attempted to dance with Liv all night
Liv lined up to catch the bouquet
My bestie's birthday is Wednesday so I'm excited about that. I can't believe how fast July came and went. Summer always seems to zoom past me. I have lots on our list of things to do in August.

LA Public Library
Visit the LA Library

Angel's Flight Railway
Ride Angel's Flight

Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar
Take Liv to the  Wildlife Learning Center

Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach. It was built in 1936, however, little is left of the original park. While the Ferris wheel and the merry-go-round remain as reminders of the park's past, you can also take harbor cruises and enjoy the arcades on the boardwalk.Ride the ferris wheel at Balboa Island

Zuma Beach sunset 
Hopefully Antz can play hooky from work so we can go to the beach

September will be here before we know it and Liv will be going to school :(

So true


Kim Burns said...

Liz, you are gorgeous! Always!

Lizzie Dearest said...

Thanks Kim-bu!! You're awesome, as always!